A quick note on the NAPPS Board of Education candidate forum last night

NAPPS held their candidate forum yesterday evening and the turnout was fantastic. Of the 25 announced candidates, 21 attended and had an opportunity to introduce themselves to the audience. The forum lasted for nearly three hours and was composed of seven candidate panels – Districts 3, 4, 5, 6 and At Large 7, 8 and 9. Each candidate was afforded an opportunity to make an opening statement, answer four questions and then make a closing statement.

Candidates from District 1 and 2 – who do not represent the schools covered by NAPPS – were given an opportunity to introduce themselves and provide information on why they are running and what their priorities would be if elected.

The forum was videotaped by students from NAHS and, when the editing of the video is complete, it will be posted at the NAPPS site. The Reporter Newspapers’ Dan Whisenhunt did take a separate video of the District 4 session with Nancy Meister and Taryn Bowman and the video can be seen here.

I hope to get a video of the complete event in the near future and will then post a recap for each candidate panel when received.

The leaders of NAPPS – Kim Zemmalli, Reide Onley, Patricia Israel and Amy Shea – and the many other volunteers that contributed to making the event a great success deserve our thanks.

Great job and well done!

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