Ed Johnson formally announces candidacy for Atlanta BOE At Large 9 seat

Ed Johnson, business owner and quality consultant formally announced his candidacy for the Board of Education At Large seat 9 in a letter published yesterday by East Atlanta Patch (link)). Johnson has previously run for the same seat in 2001 and 2005.

In the letter Johnson says he is running,

… to help lead Atlanta Public Schools away from experiencing some manner of massively disruptive event that was so, so predictable a consequence from “school reform.”  

We now know, of course, APS did indeed experience a massively disruptive event – very likely the most massively systemic test cheating scandal in U.S. history. (…And because it was so massively systemic, a Systems Thinker would attribute the cheating to APS school board and superintendency and learn about them rather than single out some relatively few teachers for punishment and dismissal and there from learn little or nothing about how to improve APS as the social system it is.)

Johnson goes on to state,

…since 2002 ‘til this day, our Atlanta Board of Education has continuously demonstrated limited capacity to bring about “an environment for [continual] quality improvement,” as the kernel of possibility in the APS Statutory Charter allows. … This situation must change …

If elected Johnson would,

…engage in leisurely yet open and honest conversation and dialogue, so that I may learn what, at the end of the day, truly matters to you.  What do you care about?  And if you are a teacher, I wish to ask: What do you need that you are not getting?  What are you getting that you do not need?  What must happen in order for you to become a great teacher?  What are you passionate about?  What is in the way of your intrinsic motivation?  What kills your spirit?  What, in school, kills any children’s intrinsic motivation or spirit, as you know it? 

Johnson does not have a current campaign website, but notes that his website from an earlier run for the same seat in 2005 is still available at www.EdJohnsonInSeat9.com.

The other candidates for the At Large 9 seat are attorney and former teacher Jason Esteves, special education consultant Dr. Lori James, former East Point City Council member Eddie Lee Brewster and Sean Norman, a recent entrant whose background is unknown. Incumbent Emmett Johnson is not seeking reelection.

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