Breaking – North Atlanta High School principal Howard Taylor resigns [Updated]

Dan Whisenhunt at the Reporter Newspapers just broke the story (see here) that

North Atlanta High principal Howard Taylor has resigned this morning. … the school had no additional information about what prompted the resignation.

While it is not confirmed, other sources indicate that Mr. Taylor may have taken a position in a nearby school district.

As I learn more, I will update the story.

“Dr. Taylor left to take a position he felt was better for him,” McDaniel said. “He’s done a fine job.”

Update – APS released a statement to Reporter Newspapers  and BOE Chair McDaniel comments – see here.

[McDaniel] Dr. Taylor left to take a position he felt was better for him,” McDaniel said. “He’s done a fine job.”

[APS Statement] Dr. Howard Taylor, principal of North Atlanta High School, announced his resignation today. Dr. Taylor will complete his duties with Atlanta Public Schools on December 1, 2013. The district is appreciative of Dr. Taylor’s leadership over the past year, particularly during the planning, relocation and opening of the new North Atlanta High School. We wish him well in his next assignment.

A transition plan has been established to ensure continued high-quality instruction for students, and the search for a new principal will begin immediately.

Update – AJC reports on Mr. Taylor’s resignation here with the following key point,

APS officials offered no explanation for his departure.

Update – Nancy Meister who represents District 4 provided the following email, shown in its entirety –


Late last evening I received a phone call from Deputy Superintendent Steve Smith. He informed me that Dr. Taylor had tenured his resignation with the district. I immediately reached out to Dr. Taylor who was not available to speak. This morning I went to NAHS and met with Dr. Taylor to listen, learn and understand the situation. He was, as he always is, forthright and honest in our discussion.  Upon leaving I called Superintendent Davis as well as Deputy Superintendent Steve Smith to discuss the situation. I have asked them to meet with Dr. Taylor today to see what the system can do to change this situation if anything. 

This is a great loss for our community and I am working to see what can be done to keep Dr. Taylor. As I find out more I will send out another email.


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