NAHS Principal Dr. Howard Taylor stays with APS – receives a promotion

As first reported by the AJC, the Atlanta Public Schools announced that Dr. Howard “Gene” Taylor, who had announced his resignation as principal of the North Atlanta High School last Thursday, accepted a new position with APS,

Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis announced Monday that Principal Howard “Gene” Taylor will move into a job as the executive director for the city school system’s north region. 

The current executive director, Dr. Tony Burks will move to a principal mentor position and Mr. Curtis Douglass will become the interim principal at NAHS.

Additional stories and opinion are at the Reporter Newspapers, AJC Get Schooled blog and a follow-up story by Mark Niesse in the AJC (behind pay wall) with quotes from parents BOE Chairman Reuben McDaniel who said,

…the school system should do more to support its principals. Generally, we as a system want to give principals the tools and autonomy needed to be effective,” McDaniel said. 

The North Atlanta High School PTSA announced that it would host a community meeting tonight from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Garden Hills Elementary School located at 285 Sheridan Drive, Atlanta, GA 30305. BOE member Nancy Meister and Associate Superintendent Steve Smith will be there to discuss the recent events at NAHS.

The full text of the letter issued by Superintendent Davis is as follows,

Dear North Atlanta High School Students, Parents, Staff and Community Members,

Superintendent Erroll B. Davis, Jr. announced personnel changes today for the North Region of Atlanta Public Schools. After a short transition period, Dr. Tony Burks, executive director of the North Region, will move into the role of a principal mentor, and Dr. Howard “Gene” Taylor will assume leadership of the North Region as executive director.

Mr. Curtis Douglass, who is currently an assistant principal at North Atlanta High school, will serve as interim principal until a permanent principal is named.

APS is pleased that we were able to retain a talented employee. We will continue to update the community with details about the transition as they become available.

One Response to NAHS Principal Dr. Howard Taylor stays with APS – receives a promotion

  1. John says:

    Do you think they will actually give us the real story at the meeting this evening? I really only want to hear why he (Dr. Taylor) thought it was so necessary and appropriate to resign on Friday. If he can’t do that either APS have bought him over or he has leveraged his popularity and support for personal gain. Worse still Nancy Meister has actually been instrumental in making that happen. Basically insisting that Dr. Taylor has been such a huge asset we simply can’t afford to lose him to Gwinnet. There is no doubt she feels we should be full of gratitude that he has been promoted within APS and expect the meeting tonight to be a bunch of folks asking us to rally behind the decision. I know I can’t get enthusiastic about Dr. Taylor staying on, in any role, unless there is some real honesty about why he felt it was necessary and appropriate on Friday and by Monday he was ok with being promoted to whatever the role is that has been (to make a pun) “Tailored made” for him. It really needs to come from his lips and not be spun by Nancy Meister or Steve Smith. My view is Dr. Taylor has some serious reservations about the way things were being done politically and he needs to talk to the community about what they were/are and how he sees this new role that has been created for him providing an opportunity to correct things. If not just let him go and don’t look back. Sorry but it is infuriating when he will not or cannot give clear concise reasons for wanting to leave in the first place. I really hope he has offered up some kind of personal statement (like he did with his resignation video) for the parents and more importantly the students at both schools The long way of saying, what is the point of holding the meeting unless Dr. Taylor doing the talking and if he is being honest and open about what his motives were/are…..

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