Board of Education member Nancy Meister (D-4) issues a statement on status of NAHS principal Dr. Howard “Gene” Taylor

Atlanta Public School Board of Education member Nancy Meister (D-4) today issued a statement on her campaign website blog on last night’s community meeting to review the resignation of NAHS principal Dr. Howard “Gene” Taylor. The statement in its entirety is as follows [emphasis added]:

Dear Parents,

I want to thank those who were able to attend the Community Event on such short notice. However, I believe most of us left with more questions than answers, and this statement is to address what I know and what I plan to do.

After consulting APS Legal and HR, these are the facts as I know them now:

  1.  Superintendent Davis is working with Dr. Taylor to determine his next steps with APS.
  2. North Atlanta High School’s principal is still Dr. Taylor until his resignation is official.
  3. Dr. Taylor’s resignation will not be official until it appears on the Personnel Gains and Losses report at an official Board meeting.
  4. Mr. Douglass, North Atlanta’s assistant principal, has been selected as the interim principal upon approval of Dr. Taylor’s resignation.
  5. The North Atlanta Executive Director position is vacant, and HR will be posting the vacancy.

I have stood by Dr. Taylor and will continue to do so. I believe he is an asset not only to North Atlanta High, but also to all of Atlanta Public Schools. I hope he chooses to stay with APS. I will continue to advocate through policy decisions and votes on the Board to push more resources into our local schools and to empower principals with the tools they need to educate our children effectively. This is what I believe APS needs.

As a Board member I strive to do what is best for all children. I will continue to listen to the community and advocate for the success of our public school system. As always, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to continuing to work with you.



For more information, Meister’s campaign website can be found here.

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