Board of Education candidate Tom Tidwell (At Large 8) issues statement on the internal investigation report on alleged racial discrimination at NAHS

Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education candidate and attorney Tom Tidwell (At Large 8 seat) has issued a statement on the investigative report issued by the Atlanta Public School Internal Compliance department regarding allegations of racial discrimination and grading improprieties at the North Atlanta High School. As reported here, here and here, the investigation found no evidence supporting the allegations.

Tidwell’s statement in full is as follows,

Last year’s debacle at NAHS, which culminated in the recently released report finding no systemic discrimination, confirms that Reuben McDaniel completely overreacted and as a result caused a huge disruption to the very students that he supposedly cares about.

It is very disappointing in its own right, but particularly so coming on the heels of the in-fighting which caused APS to be put on probation and almost lose its accreditation.

This highlights the desperate need we have for change, for a fresh start, to elect board members who will put their egos and personal agendas aside and actually work for the children.

Tidwell, along with attorney Cynthia Briscoe Brown, real estate developer Mark Riley and concerned citizen Dave Walker are challenging the current incumbent and Chairman of the Board Reuben McDaniel, III for the At Large 8 seat.

In addition, the Atlanta Public Schools issued a statement after the Report was released last Friday. The statement as reported here, is as follows,

Atlanta Public Schools has received the independent auditor’s investigative summary report on allegations of racial discrimination and grading improprieties at North Atlanta High School.  The nature of the complaints substantiated the need to initiate this investigation. The report indicates that no laws were broken. However, it raised issues that should have been addressed. Now in place is a new principal, who has already begun to work on the issues, and we are confident that we can all return to the business of educating children.

The full internal investigation report can be found here.

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