Board of Education At Large 8 candidate Dave Walker – “I am the agitator here. Agitators clean things.”

Last night the League of Women Voters held a candidate forum for all the candidates in the At Large 7, 8 and 9 seats. I will provide a full recap of the event in later post.

However, it was significant that community activist and candidate for the At Large 8 seat Dave Walker made an appearance and made the following opening statement,

I am the agitator here. Agitators clean things…I have, witnessed the Atlanta School Board for 35 years and they have been failures ever since. Part of them can’t spell CRCT. And what do we have? The biggest scandal in education in the history of the country.

Why would any citizen send the same people back with the same result? That is the definition of insanity. Don’t do that! Send the protestor – me. Send the agitator – me. You have a washing machine at home – an old one? It agitates. It cleans. Don’t send these people back. I am the protestor. I am now leaving the building. [Audience laughter].

And the got up and left the building.

To my knowledge, this was the first candidate forum Walker has attended. Earlier in the campaign, he turned down an invitation and said,

Everyone in Atlanta, who needs to know me, knows me and understands what I believe in. … If they don’t know me now, then I don’t need them to know me.

His views on other issues that the new Board of Education will face are essentially unknown.

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