Atlanta Public Schools District 4 Board of Education candidates Meister and Bowman answer APN’s questions on the “Gang of Five” and charter schools

Atlanta Progressive News reported that District 4 seat Board of Education candidates Nancy Meister and Taryn Bowman had submitted answers to questionnaires on their views on the “Gang of Five” controversy and on charter schools.

On the “Gang of Five” issue, Bowman stated,

We have to remember that the controversy around board leadership and the rule change led to accreditation probation for APS high schools.  I would not support any decision that would jeopardize the education of our students.

And Meister stated,

I was on the Board during this time period and voted for the leadership change…. I felt it was in the best interest of our district to ascertain the truth of what happened. [APN comment – Meister likely referring to “what happened” in connection with the APS cheating scandal…]

In response a number question on their support for charter schools, the answers were similar,

Bowman – …Charter schools provide school communities with an opportunity to test unconventional practices that, if proven successful, can be implemented at traditional schools. However, we must be very careful in how we reallocate public money and manage charter schools.  It’s important that we keep students first and remember that charter schools are public schools funded by tax dollars… 

Meister –  I believe charter schools are an important part of our education system.  They allow for innovative educational models to be implemented and give more access and choices to the children of our district.

 In addition, the candidates responded to questions regarding their concerns with charters schools, the number of charter schools in the district and under what circumstances they would vote against charters schools.

If charter schools are important to your decision on who you will vote for in the upcoming election, please read the entire article here. 

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