North Atlanta High School Administrator that was removed last year on “Bloody Friday” speaks out

Maureen Downy at the Get Schooled blog published a letter from Laura Ricca Brazil who was one of the administrators that was unceremoniously removed from the North Atlanta High School in October 2012. The action taken by Superintendent Davis was widely criticized by the parents in north Atlanta and ultimately led to an internal review regarding claims of institutional racism and cheating at NAHS. The final report released last month found no grounds for the institutional racism or cheating charges (see more here and here).

Ms. Brazil recounts some of her thoughts and experiences during that time and urges voters to consider the event as they go to the polls (excerpts from letter):

  • As one of the administrators who was abruptly transferred without rational explanation, I hope that the voting public takes time to consider the report’s implications.
  • This report, conducted by APS itself, concluded that there was no racism on the part of the school.  It also concluded that the administration should have been addressing perceptions of racism. Well, we were.
  • We want to teach our students to think critically and make informed decisions, yet district leadership acted first and looked for justification later.
  • Among the rumored rationales:  1) potential state take-over as a failing school, first presented by Mr. Davis, denied by the State Board of Education;  2) improper grade changing, as reported by the AJC, but never substantiated; and 3) institutional racism, pressed by anonymous allegations and alluded to in School Board Chair Ruben McDaniel’s e-mails.  
  • But this report shows that there was no justification.
  • Smeared by a whisper campaign, but with no chance to respond: no person deserves that.
  • And while Mr. Davis is closing out his contract, the board members that fought to retain him, even in light of his disregard for evidence and decency, should be held to account

Please read the whole letter here.

At the time Mr. Davis’ contract was extended, only BoE members Nancy Meister and Brenda Muhammad, both of whom are running for re-election, voted against the extension.

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