Who are the major or well-known contributors supporting in the Board of Education race?

In prior posts, I have reviewed the Atlanta Public School Board of Education financial disclosure campaign reports that were filed as of September 30th (see here, here and here). During my review, certain names of contributors kept showing up for multiple candidates.

The following is a review of the slates of candidates backed by major contributors or interest groups.

Mayor Kasim Reed – it is interesting to note that is backing both candidates in the AL-7 race.

  •   D-1     Brenda Muhammad (I)        2,500
  •   AL-7   Courtney English (I)              2,500
  •   AL-7   Nisha Simama                       2,500

Former Mayor Shirley Franklin       

  •  D-1      Brenda Muhammad (I)           950
  •  D-2      Byron Amos (I)                         750
  •  D-4      Nancy Meister (I)                     500

Giornelli family (Greg Giornelli is the former City of Atlanta COO under Shirley Franklin)

  •  D-1      Brenda Muhammad (I)        4,500
  •  D-3      Matt Westmoreland             2,000
  •  D-4      Nancy Meister (I)                  5,000
  •  D-6      Eshe’ Collins                          3,000
  •  AL-7     Courtney English (I)             3,000
  •  AL-8     Reuben McDaniel (I)            2,000
  •  AL-9     Jason Esteves                        5,000

Arthur Blank family (Arthur Blank is the current owner of the Atlanta Falcons)               

  • D-1       Leslie Grant                           2,500
  • D-2       Matt Westmoreland             2,500
  • D-6       Eshe’ Collins                          5,000
  • AL-7     Courtney English (I)              2,500
  • AL-7     Nisha Simama                       2,500
  • AL-8     Mark Riley                              5,000
  • AL-9     Jason Esteves                         5,000

Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin         

  • D-1       Brenda Muhammad (I)           650
  • D-5       Stephen Lee                          1,000
  • D-5       Mary Palmer                            342
  • D-6       Eshe’ Collins                             500
  • AL-7     Nisha Simama                       2,200

Atlanta Federation of Teachers         

  • D-1       Brenda Muhammad (I)       2,500
  • D-2       Byron Amos (I)                     1,000
  • D-4       Taryn Bowman                       500
  • D-5       Mary Palmer                        1,575
  • AL-7     Nisha Simama                     1,000
  • AL-8     Reuben McDaniel                1,000

Egbert Perry (Chairman and CEO of The Integral Group LLC)

  • D-1       Brenda Muhammad (I)       1,500
  • D-4       Nancy Meister (I)                  1,000
  • D-6       Shawnna Hayes-Tavares       500
  • AL-7     Courtney English (I)             2,000
  • AL-8     Reuben McDaniel (I)            2,000

Greenberg Taurig Law firm & employees

  • D-1       Brenda Muhammad (I)       5,375
  • AL-8     Reuben McDaniel (I)            2,500 (corrected)

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