BuckheadView issues Atlanta Public School Board of Education race endorsements

The BuckheadView recently issued its endorsements for the Atlanta Board of Education race. The following are brief excerpts (in italics) from their endorsement write-up (link).

Nancy Meister (D-4)

….The board needs some continuity and Nancy Meister can help provide that. She has not been part of the problems at Atlanta Public Schools over the past few years, but has provided a good sounding board and steady representation for Buckhead parents and residents concerned about the quality of north Atlanta education….

Nisha Simama (AL-7) 

Nisha Simama is a 30-year veteran educator who also was appointed to a temporary seat on the Board of Education during the test-cheating investigation and served the public well. She also is no novice to city politics …BuckheadView will cast its vote for Nisha Simama.

Tom Tidwell and Cynthia Briscoe Brown (AL-8)

This is the one seat where BuckheadView has not yet made a definitive choice and may not until voting day. BuckheadView believes the two best candidates are Cynthia Briscoe Brown and Tom Tidwell.

Jason Esteves (AL-9)

the only candidate we have seen at [recent] meetings of Buckhead organizations has been Jason Esteves, who impressed us at the earlier candidate forum. BuckheadView casts its vote for Jason Esteves in this race.  

The endorsement write-up has a number of additional interesting points and you should read the whole thing here.

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