Mold still an issue at Booker T. Washington High School

As reported by WSBTV, the mold problems found last August at Booker T. Washington High School continue to persist and the local community is demanding action. As WSBTV reports (with video at the link),

Monday night, students, parents, lawmakers and community activists held a “state of emergency rally” at Lindsey Street Baptist Church. They are demanding that Atlanta Public Schools officials get rid of the problem once and for all.

In the WSBTV report, a parent commented,

“I think they need to get off their butts, stop lying to us, fix that school and put those kids somewhere safe and do what they need,” parent Valerie Sims said.

Board member Byron Amos has been leading the effort to clean it up and has consistently raised concerns since the Board of Education meeting held in early August. Board members Amos, Meister and English have requested that Chairman McDaniel call a special meeting at the end of this week to further address the issue.

WSB also included the statement released by APS on Monday:

“We believe the mold issues at Booker T. Washington High School are residual cases from the initial cases that were reported and not an indication of ongoing mold in the building. The Atlanta Public Schools Facilities Services Department continues to clean any surface mold that is discovered. New HVAC units have been ordered, and temporary units installed until they arrive. As a result of the weather changing to cool and dry, and the installation of the temporary units, the mold issue should dissipate. However, APS will continue to respond to any incidents of mold, if needed.”

This issue has been persistent since the heavy rains during the summer. While APS officials have consistently stated that they have addressed the issue, clearly the local community does not agree.

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