Board of Education candidate Hayes-Tavares’ (D-6) ethical problems raised again – Hayes-Tavares responds

The Grady High School student newspaper – the Southerner online – reported on the story of the numerous allegations and questions regarding Shawnna Hayes-Tavares’ handling of funds while involved with the Young Middle School PTSA.

The allegations reported (plus more) were also the subject of an investigation by the Atlanta Progressive News earlier this summer (see here and here).

Hayes-Tavares responded to the current article in the Southerner student paper and stated [excerpts]:

This article was written by two Caucasian young men from Grady, one who is the son of Cecily Harsch-Kinnane and the other Josh Weinstock. After spending over one hour on the phone with these boys speaking about the racial disparities of Grady HS AND the unwillingness for them to write a story related to black and white student inequities, Mass Communications Academy disparity continues to exist and the condition of APS, they decided to write about lies!  

Can we believe a story written by two white children whose parent was a part of the leadership to destroy black children with the cheating cover-up and anonymous declarations…

… what I do know MLK, Ghandi and even Jesus had haters. I would not be doing my job to help the helpless and give a voice to the voiceless if everyone liked me.

… they are not dealing with a scary “negro” they are dealing with a strong black parent of four children, who has volunteered service with proven results-oriented leadership in APS! I am un-bought and un-bossed. Instead of using lies, they will need more than that to stop me for fighting for children! Don’t let the racist, political machine deter you from your common sense,…

… I am not perfect, but I am a perfect public servant!

APNEditor, Matthew Charles Cardinale, who conducted the investigation on Hayes-Tavares back in August in the articles linked above, also commented on Ms. Hayes-Tavares’ response:

How can she say it’s a lie? You posted the documents as PDFs? This is the kind of lack of honesty or logic I’ve been dealing with from SHT for the last few months.

Please read all the articles and comments and then draw your own conclusions regarding Ms. Hayes-Tavares’ statement that she would be “a perfect public servant”.

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