WABE interviews candidates for the Board of Education District 1 seat

WABE’s Rose Scott interviewed District 1 Board of Education candidates incumbent Brenda Muhammad and challenger Leslie Grant. There is audio at the link and excerpts of the interviews below.

On the future Atlanta Public School leadership,

Muhammad said, “To make sure we select the superintendent that is transformational, that can take this system into a new era who is concerned about all the children across this city.”

Grant said, …it’s time for a change in district one’s board member. “We need leadership on the board going forward that can work collaboratively and responsibly with a new superintendent.  

On the allocation of resources to schools across the community,

Muhammad said, “You see we traditionally have had a cookie cutter approach to how we service our children and that does not necessarily work in all schools and it certainly doesn’t work in many of the schools in our impoverished areas.”

Leslie Grant said, …District one is a perfect example of the whole city of Atlanta, I believe. We have a great diversity in district one.  But, the kids come to school with many different levels of needs in higher poverty areas – those children need a lot more resources.”

And on charter schools.

Grant says she supports those charter schools that are doing a good job in educating students and  wants voters to know she’s for a quality education across the region.

Muhammad told WABE she supports the will of the district.

Please note that, based on the audio, the quotes above have been slightly modified from the quotes shown in print in the article.

Additionally, the article notes that Ms. Muhammad is on the board of directors for Public Broadcasting Atlanta and WABE’s broadcast license is held by the Atlanta Board of Education.

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