Atlanta Public Schools announces members of the new Principal Advisory Council

By way of Talk-Up APS (see here), the Atlanta Public Schools announced the members of the new Principal Advisory Council that will attempt to improve communications between the superintendent and the school leaders. The Advisory Council is intended to address “various issues that affect the efficiency of school operations.”

The first meeting will be held today and then quarterly going forward.

Per the Talk-Up APS,

The Council will help drive the mission of the school district, to educate all students through academic excellence, preparing them for success in life, service and leadership, by serving the superintendent in an advisory capacity.

The Council is composed of 19 members – five from the East Cluster; four from each of the North, South and West Clusters, one from a non-traditional school and one from a charter school (KIPP). The members were initially nominated by their peers and the final selection was made by Superintendent Davis. See a complete list here.

The Principal’s Advisory Council was first proposed during the resolution of the recent mess at North Atlanta High School in which the principal – Dr. Taylor – initially resigned, was promoted (the promotion was rejected by the BoE) and subsequent rescission of his resignation. See here for a complete list of stories on the drama (scroll down to middle of post). At that time, Dr. Taylor wrote in a letter that he was frustrated by the bureaucracy in the APS downtown office (see letter here).

It will be interesting to see if this Council will actually be effective in changing how APS operates or if it is all for show. My sense is that if Talk-Up APS begins to publish action plans and the status of changes, the Council will be making progress. However, if all we hear in the future are meeting date announcements and no status on action plans, then it is likely that this was simply a “prop” to get beyond the NAHS crisis.

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