Mayor Reed’s super PAC has raised nearly $200k in the last two weeks – intends to shape APS Board of Education election

WABE reported that Mayor Kasim Reed’s super PAC Continue Atlanta’s Progress has now raised nearly $200 thousand and will use the funds to back certain candidates for the Atlanta Public School Board of Education and for City Council. Previously it was reported that Reed had contributed $75 thousand to the PAC and, per the report,

…the rest is from groups like Coca-Cola, Delta, SunTrust, AGL, and airport concessionaire Hojeij Branded Foods.

Mayor Reed said the super PAC was needed to,

…to counteract special interest money coming from out-of-state. There were groups not from the region but from California and from Washington that were getting ready to invest significant dollars and there was no counterweight to that,” said Reed.

The spokesman for the committee stated that,

…the mayor doesn’t want to cede control to outside groups when so many key decisions are ahead, like hiring a new APS superintendent.

There has been some criticism of the business community’s involvement in the process. State Sen. Vincent Fort (D – Atlanta) said,

“The business community put Beverly Hall in charge and then tried to cover up the cheating scandal and if their judgment was wrong and almost criminal in that instance we shouldn’t be relying on them in this instance,” said Fort.

As previously reported, Continue Atlanta’s Progress has endorsed the following candidates for the Board of Education:

  • D-1 – Brenda Muhammad (I)
  • D-2 – Byron Amos (unopposed)
  • D-3 – Matt Westmoreland (unopposed)
  • D-4 – no endorsement
  • D-5 – Steven Lee
  • D-6 – Eshe Collins
  • AL-7 – Courtney English
  • AL-8 – Reuben McDaniel (I)
  • AL-9 – Jason Esteves

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