Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education candidate closing statements & endorsements

Below are links to candidate closing statements and endorsements made by various publications and interest groups.

Candidate Closing Statements

District 1 – incumbent Brenda Muhammad and small business owner Leslie Grant

District 4 – incumbent Nancy Meister and film consultant Taryn Chilivis Bowman

District 5 – IT consultant Mary Louise Palmer, realtor Charles Lawrence, IT professional Raynard Johnson and small business owner Steven Lee

District 6 – attorney and educator Eshe’ Collins, educator and small business owner Dell Byrd, retired teacher Anne McKenzie and community activist Shawnna Hayes-Tavares

At Large 7 – incumbent Courtney English and education administrator Nisha Simama

At Large 8 – attorney Tom Tidwell, real estate developer Mark Riley, attorney Cynthia Briscoe Brown, incumbent Reuben McDaniel, III and concerned citizen Dave Walker

At Large 9 – attorney Jason Esteves, quality consultant Ed Johnson, small business owner Sean Norman and education consultant Lori James

Candidate Endorsements (links below are to Financial Deconstruction recaps of endorsements)

Creative Loafing – D-1 Leslie Grant, D-4 Nancy Meister (I), D-5 Mary Palmer, D-6 Eshe’ Collins, AL-7 Courtney English, AL-8 Reuben McDaniel (I) or Tom Tidwell and AL-9 Jason Esteves.

BuckheadView – D-4 Nancy Meister, AL-7 Nisha Simama, AL-8 Tom Tidwell or Cynthia Briscoe Brown and AL-9 Jason Esteves.

Buckhead Coalition (run by former Mayor Sam Massell) – D-1 Leslie Grant, D-2 Byron Amos (unopposed), D-3, Matt Westmoreland (unopposed), D-4 Taryn Bowman, D-5 Steve Lee, D-6    Eshe’ Collins, AL-7 Nisha Simama, AL-8 Mark Riley and AL-9 Jason Esteves.

Continue Atlanta’s Progress (Mayor Kasim Reed’s super PAC) – D-1 Brenda Muhammad (I), D-2 Byron Amos (unopposed), D-3 Matt Westmoreland (unopposed), D-5 Steven Lee, D-6 Eshe Collins, AL-7 Courtney English, AL-8 Reuben McDaniel (I) and AL-9 Jason Esteves.

Atlanta Federation of Teachers – D-1 Brenda Muhammad (I), D-2 Byron Amos (I) (unopposed), D-4 Taryn C. Bowman, D-5 Mary L. Palmer, D-6 Dr. Dell Byrd, AL-7 Nisha Simama, AL-8 Rueben McDaniel and AL-9 Dr. Lori James.

Atlanta Progressive News – D-1 Brenda Muhammad, D-4 Tyran Bowman, D-5 Raynard Johnson, D-6 Anne McKenzie, AL-7 Nisha Simama, AL-8 Cynthia Briscoe and AL-9 Ed Johnson.

The Network for Public Education (NYC based and led by Diane Ravitch) – D-5 Mary Palmer, AL-7 Nisha Simama, AL-8 Cynthia Briscoe Brown and AL-9 Ed Johnson.

Please note that the statements submitted by the candidates have not been edited or altered in any way other than minor formatting changes.

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