District 4 Board of Education candidate closing statements

Taryn Chilivis Bowman

Dear North Atlanta / Buckhead Neighbors,

My roots are deep in this wonderful city, especially in Buckhead where I was raised.  My father served as Revenue Commissioner under Governor George Busbee during his more than 50 year career as an attorney. My mother, who had quite a passion for renovation, raised my siblings and me on Wieuca, E. & W. Brookhaven, Harris Trail, Beechwood, and West Paces Ferry. As an adult, I’ve lived in Peachtree Hills and the Mt. Paran~ Northside area. I know Atlanta and have an innate understanding of its unique culture and needs.  I attended SMU in Dallas, TX and followed my career to Northern and Southern California for a time, but knew that Atlanta, my home, was where I wanted to raise my children.  My three girls currently attend Atlanta Public Schools.

I have volunteered at the Shepherd Spinal Center where I was honored for my work with children with Spina Bifida.  I have worked as a junior high youth director and understand the needs of students.  I have been a school teacher, giving me a deep appreciation for educators. I hold a real estate broker’s license and appreciate the value of home ownership and how property value correlates with our public school system.  I have led a 25-year successful career in the film industry, specifically in production and production accounting.  I know what it means to be able to balance a multi-million dollar budget without overspending and being able to project to stay on time and on budget. I started an APS sponsored spirit club at my children’s school and have been the chairman of the school’s literary magazine going on four years.  I currently serve on the board of the Mt. Paran~Northside Citizen’s Association as membership chairman.

I am fully prepared to, as your next Atlanta Board of Education District 4 representative, work hard every day to hire an effective superintendent who understands our city and wants the best for our children, create smaller class sizes giving each student the opportunity to succeed, balance a mismanaged budget, localize the budget giving principals the authority to hire the teachers and get the resources needed within that given budget, and to implement the policies that keep our students first.

These are my stomping grounds.  I grew up with many of you and my children are growing up with your children. I know what you expect from your school system, and I am here to work hard to make our Atlanta Public Schools excellent for our children!

On November 5 when you go to the polls vote for a fresh start.  Vote for our children. Vote for me, Taryn Chilivis Bowman, for the Atlanta Board of Education District 4!

Thank you all so very much for your support.  www.voteforbowman.com

Nancy Meister (I) 

This election is about choosing the right person to represent the interests of our children, teachers, principals and taxpayers. I have served with integrity, transparency and honesty while being a positive presence on the Board the last four years. As Election Day approaches, I can confidently say that I have run this campaign with the same values.

I am a candidate with experience and experience counts. I am a parent of two APS K-12 graduates. My hands-on APS experience as PTA Co-President of Sutton Middle School and NAHS, Co-President of NAPPS and a founding member of the NAHS Foundation provided me with a strong understanding of the schools within our district.

My unwavering commitment to move APS forward is exemplified in my voting record:

  • against larger class sizes and a class size waiver from the state;
  • against furlough days;
  • against a bloated central office budget; and
  • against extending the interim Superintendent’s contract after 1 year.

The next four years are critical to the success of APS. My experience, institutional knowledge on the Board and extensive leadership within the cluster give me a greater understanding of the tasks at hand than that of my opponent.

I will advocate for:

  • a Superintendent who is a collaborative leader;
  • a decentralized system;
  • a transparent budget process; and
  • policy that puts students and teachers first.

On November 5th please vote for me, Nancy Meister, Atlanta Board of Education District 4. Thank you!

The Atlanta Board of Education is going to face a large turnover in members with this election regardless of who is elected, since four of the nine incumbents are not seeking re-election. The board needs some continuity and Nancy Meister can help provide that. She has not been part of the problems at Atlanta Public Schools over the past few years, but has provided a good sounding board and steady representation for Buckhead parents and residents concerned about the quality of north Atlanta education. Her opponent, while a mother of school-age children, brings little else to the table as far as we can tell. We recommend the re-election of Nancy Meister to the Board of ‘Education representing Buckhead. John Schaffner, Editor and Owner, BuckheadView

2 Responses to District 4 Board of Education candidate closing statements

  1. Dear Friends,

    Thank you so much for all of your emails and calls. Throughout my campaign I have been solely focused on addressing the issues that face our community and its children. However, due to the overwhelming support and the number of emails and calls from my constituents urging me to set the record straight, please allow me to do so here.

    For the record…

    Mr. Schaffner of the BuckheadView has never requested an interview with me, called me, or met me. Judging from his statement, he has never read my website or done anything to learn about my credentials. His opinion is baseless, has no merit, and should be disregarded.

    I just want to thank the approximately 61 members of Buckhead Coalition PAC, led by Mayor Sam Massell, for researching and meeting both candidates and choosing to support me for the Atlanta Board of Education District 4! And, thank you to all of the other groups and people who have endorsed me. Please visit my website at http://www.voteforbowman.com to see these well-founded endorsements.

    Thank you all for your amazing support during this important election!


  2. District 4 Parent says:


    If I am not mistaken, your father is or was a long time member of the Buckhead Coalition with Mr. Massell.


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