District 6 Board of Education closing statements

Eshe’ Collins

Over the past few months, the community has attended several forums, received several pieces of mail, and seen way too many yard signs. Now, you must make a choice, and you must make the RIGHT choice. The state of our schools and the future of children are at stake.  Over the past four years, half of our effort is what we have given our children. Only 56% of our budget is spent in the classroom and only 51% of our students graduate in four years. It’s time to choose a leader that we will give our children 100% and raise our expectations to expect 100% in return. We can achieve this. I know we can!

My message is clear: every child deserves a great education, and I will fight to make that a reality.  We must address the issue of inequity in our schools and move towards a system that places resources in our most challenging areas, academically and geographically. Investment in early education must be a top priority for our schools. We must cut wasteful spending and give more autonomy to our school leaders. Parental and community involvement is key, and as your school board member, I will be completely accessible and transparent to make this happen.

What I’ve learned, as a former teacher in APS, a public interest attorney and a director of early education program is that change in our schools must happen from the top down to have the greatest impact from the bottom up.  In the District 6 race, I am the only candidate with education and advocacy experience at every level from infancy to higher education.  I cannot only speak about what needs to be done, but I have played an integral part to get it done.

I decided to run because of what Dr. King called a “fierce urgency of now.” I am running for our children and to restore the highest quality of a great public education to all of our children. And, now is the time.

Our children need transformative leaders who have experience in our schools, worked in our communities and fought tirelessly to improve education for all of our children.  I am that leader for District 6.  This is a historic opportunity to transform our school district, and I strongly ask for your vote in this crucial election on Tuesday, Nov. 5th.  Eshe’ Collins for Atlanta Board of Education, District 6!

Thank you so much for your time and support!

Dell Byrd

To My District 6 Family:

The conscience of a community can be measured by the way it cares for its children! While the eyes of the world are on our educational system, why not restore the confidence of the community by bringing together a school board that will work collaboratively with children at the top of its agenda?

As global competition becomes more challenging, we cannot allow another deserving generation of students to lag behind, to fail to graduate, or to have less than the finest in educational opportunities! We must move quickly and skillfully to save our children!

My name is Dell Byrd and I have the experience, passion, availability and energy to serve on the Atlanta Board of Education in District 6. My platform is built upon a premise of CARE with a promise to be fully Committed, Attentive, Responsible, and Enthusiastic about our children and their education.

An experienced educator with advanced academic credentials and critical assessment skills, I have the aptitude to create the productive environment required for this position.

My passion for education dates back to 1974 when I became a teen mom in the small Georgia town of Folkston at the tender age of 15. In spite of abandonment by the educational system in place locally, early challenges in obtaining an education only served to engage me in a lifelong endeavor to affect positive change in the academic arena.

Beating all odds, I worked diligently to bring viable solutions to problems in public education as an ably-equipped professional. To that end, my record of personal and professional accomplishments speaks for itself.

Recognized as an exceptional educator and community activist with over 25 years experience in public education; I possess the hands-on experience and know-how to foster an improved educational climate for Atlanta’s children.

My own daughter, Ardale Shepherd, is a product of Atlanta Public Schools. From the vantage points of a student, parent, and teacher, I have had ample opportunity to assess both the accomplishments and challenges within the public school system, as well as, recognize its potential.

Perfectly poised to serve effectively in this capacity, elect me and watch a champion effort on behalf of our children.

Every vote counts!

Kind regards, Dr. Dell Byrd

Anne Wofford McKenzie

I am an experienced educator. I am a retired educator of 32 years, retiring from Sutton Middle School. I am a public school advocate and will continue to be the person on the BOE to advocate for the many students who do not finish High School because the curricula did not meet their special needs. Education should never be compromised. Flexible curricular benefit all students. I considered becoming a candidate for the BOE because of the seriousness of being a member.  It is not a joke and my primary responsibilities are to make it possible for all students to meet success.  If this vision is not accomplished, then we get students who cannot enter into the workforce which occurs after High School. We need to think about our communities, our cities, our state and our country who will be let down because of the turn-out of ill-prepared students. We see these results now due to the above references. The BOE must restore the trust that has been taken from our stakeholders, students, parents, communities and all other concerned citizens. Our resourses has to be restored. Businesses who need well-educated learned workers to move forward. I will be a strong voice for implementing school success at any cost. I hope that voters will consider my vision as excellent reason(s) for voting for me for the next BOE in the city of Atlanta. Lastly, the billion dollar stadium opens an opportunity for Vocational students to get trained for good jobs and other opportunities at this level.

Anne Wofford McKenzie, Candidate, BOE District 6

Shawnna Hayes-Tavares did not submit a closing statement.


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