Board of Education race voting problems at Epworth Church polling location [2 Updates]

[Update 2] Kate Sandhaus with the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization provided the following update,

If you live in Candler Park and normally vote at Epworth, you must request a provisional ballot from poll workers. Please insist on this. 

If you live in Candler Park and normally vote at Mary Lin (but are voting at Epworth for this election due to Mary Lin construction), go ahead and vote electronically.

If you live in Candler Park, regardless of where you normally vote, your ballot must include the district 1 school board race (Grant / Muhammad) and the district 2 city council race (Kwanza Hall). If you do not see those two races, do not vote in the wrong races; stop and demand a provisional ballot.

Finally, if you already voted and did not receive the correct ballot, please go back to the polling location and demand a provisional paper ballot. Fulton County will reconcile the paper ballots with the incorrect electronic ones. This is the procedure recommended by Ashley Howard of Fulton County Voting and Registration.

Update – Creative Loafing issued a story on the problems being encountered. Per the report,

Some voters in Candler Park, home to some of the city’s most civically active and engaged voters, are receiving the wrong ballots …

Kate Sandhaus of the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization tells us that some voters who arrive at Epwoth United Methodist Church are being given ballots …asking them to decide the APS District 3 race, in which Matt Westmoreland is running unopposed, and the heated City Council District 5 race between incumbent Natalyn Archibong, Christian Enterkin, Matt Rinker, and J.P. Michalik…

The only problem: those voters are supposed to actually decide the APS District 1 race between incumbent Brenda Muhammad and Leslie Grant. City Councilman Kwanza Hall, who represents the district, is running unopposed.

Per the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization (and confirmed by others),

We’ve had numerous reports of a problem with some ballots at the Epworth Church polling location. For Candler Park residents who typically vote at Epworth (as opposed to Mary Lin, since those folks are also voting at Epworth today), they are seeing the school board district 3 race on the ballots which is Matt Westmoreland running unopposed. They should be seeing the school board district 1 race, which is Leslie Grant and Brenda Muhammad.

We’re talking with the Fulton County Elections Chief (Fulton County is conducting the elections for all of City Atlanta, both Fulton & Dekalb Counties) and expecting to hear something back soon. Will keep everyone posted.

– Kate Sandhaus

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