NAHS Dr. Howard Taylor speaks out after controversies

Reporter Newspapers reported that North Atlanta High School principal Dr. Howard “Gene” Taylor addressed the Buckhead Business Association. In his remarks, Taylor said,

…he wants a school that works with the challenges presented by North Atlanta’s diverse student population, which is 30 percent white, 44 percent black and 22 percent Hispanic.

“My job is to make our school a model urban public high school so that you can choose to go there and I’m excited about that work,” …

His comments are a follow-up after the recent controversies at NAHS that included his initial resignation, subsequent promotion – which was not approved by the Board of Education – and subsequent rescission of his resignation. Taylor said,

 “Last year was quite a year,” Taylor said. “All is well that ends well.”

Taylor also addressed some of the initiatives under way at the school,

… he wants to make North Atlanta work for students who may not be college-bound but still need highly specialized technical training…. Every student doesn’t benefit from a schedule that caters to college-bound students… Taylor said, “We‘re trying to work out where we can build in for those students math every day, reading every day.”

He also addressed the alleged institutional racism charges at the school that a subsequent internal APS investigation found was without merit.

Taylor said he also wants to make sure the school is a welcoming environment for all students… [and he] is sensitive to the concerns of parents at the school … if students feel excluded, they are less likely to be successful in class. “My job is to … make them all feel welcome, feel good about their heritage and then get the job done.”

Read the whole article for more information.


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