Voters guide for today’s Board of Education runoff election

District 5

Mary Palmer – Academic coach & former IT professional

Steven Lee – small business owner and non-profit executive

District 6

Eshe’ Collins – Attorney, former teacher and early education project at GA State

Dell Byrd – Property management & former teacher

At Large 8

Cynthia Briscoe Brown – Attorney

Reuben McDaniel (I) – Investment banker

At Large 9

Jason Esteves – Attorney and former teacher

Lori James – Education consultant

2 Responses to Voters guide for today’s Board of Education runoff election

  1. Claiborne W says:

    Should I be concerned at the number of Attorneys that were elected.

    I have seen what they can (or more accurately can’t) do in the House and Senate of the US Congress.

    I strongly supported 2 of these candidates, but I still have a twinge of concern.

    • Thanks for the comment. While I agree that a concentration of any one view point, academic training or profession could be a problem, my sense is that there is no concentration that we should be concerned with on the new Board of nine members. However, understanding their backgrounds is important as it may be an indicator of future decisions and the Board can be broken down into several different categories. These categories include, three attorneys (Brown, Collins & Esteves); four small business operators (Brown, Lee, Grant and Amos); four former teachers (Esteves, English, Collins & Westmoreland); five African Americans and four Caucasians; and five males and four females. And there are probably more categories if we looked deeper. My sense is that, while all the above are important things to understand and inform our understanding of how this Board may work in the future, my sense is that none of them are determinative. Their backgrounds and experiences – which will shape how they decide on issues in the future – vary across a broad spectrum and are quite diverse.

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