Atlanta Public School Board of Education runoff election results – four new members win seats – turnout very low

In the runoff election for the Atlanta Public School Board of Education, four new members were elected in a race that had very low voter turn-out. The four new members are:

  • In District 5, small business owner and non-profit organization executive director Steven Lee received 59.4% of the vote and defeated academic coach Mary Palmer.
  • In District 6, Eshe’ Collins, a former attorney, teacher and who now runs an early education program at GA State received 59.1% of the vote to defeat property manager and former teacher Dell Byrd.
  • In the At Large 8 citywide election, attorney Cynthia Briscoe Brown received 71.5% of the vote and defeated investment banker and current chairman of the Board Reuben McDaniel, who was the only incumbent in the runoff election.
  • In the At Large 9 citywide race, attorney and former teacher Jason Esteves received an overwhelming 71.5% of the vote and defeated education administrator Lori James.

The details of the votes are in a table at the bottom of the post.

In each race, the results were decisive with the winners earning nearly 60% of the vote or more. The race was marked by a very low voter turnout in which only 6.2% of registered voters returned to the polls to cast their vote in the runoff. This means that less than one in three voters who went to the polls in the general election in November returned to vote in the runoff.

With the decisions made by voters yesterday, the new Board of Education will be seated in early January with three returning incumbents and six new members. The new Board will be as follows:

  • D-1 – Leslie Grant
  • D-2 – Byron Amos (I)
  • D-3 – Matt Westmoreland
  • D-4 – Nancy Meister (I)
  • D-5 – Steven Lee
  • D-6 – Eshe’ Collins
  • AL-7 – Courtney English (I)
  • AL-8 – Cynthia Briscoe Brown
  • AL-9 – Jason Esteves

Congratulations to the winners!

[Added] See the following links to over coverage of the runoff results:

I will post more analysis on each race throughout the day.

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