District 5 Board of Education Steven Lee gets out the vote & wins handily

XX Steven Lee Standard HeadshotSteven Lee won the District 5 race with 59.4% of the vote as compared to his opponent Mary Palmer who received 40.6% of the total votes cast in this past Tuesday’s runoff election. The voting patterns indicate that Lee was very successful in getting his supporters to the polls which resulted in his strong margin of victory.

In the November general election, when Lee and Palmer qualified for the runoff, the candidates were in a virtual tie with Lee garnering only 45 votes more than Palmer. Put another way, if we look only at the votes they each received and exclude the votes the two other challengers received, Lee had 50.4% to Palmer’s 49.6%. So the runoff was going to hinge on who could most effectively get their vote back out and who could garner the votes from the two unsuccessful candidates. To this last point, both candidates that did not qualify for the runoff subsequently endorsed Palmer. With the endorsements in hand, Palmer seemed to have the strong hand going into the election. However, as we know, Lee won decisively.

Below is a detailed chart of the voting patterns in D-5 and it tells the story of how Lee, who was the apparent underdog going into the runoff election, ultimately won the race decisively (click on chart to enlarge).

D5 Lee Runoff summary 120313

The chart is broken down into the precincts each candidate won – Lee won 20 with 68.2% of the votes and Palmer won 8 with 68.0% of the votes. This was a complete reversal from the general election in which Palmer won 16 precincts to Lee’s 12. And the chart is clear that the race results came down to one thing – which candidate could get their supporters in the general election to the polls for the runoff. In total, Lee was able to get 60.5% of the votes he had gained in the general election while Palmer was only able to get 41.9%.

No further analysis needed, but the lesson is quite simple – getting your supporters to the polls simply wins elections. Lee was very successful at doing so and won handily.

Mr. Lee – congratulations on your victory. We look forward to seeing you at future Board meetings, and based on your experience as a community activist working with troubled youth, we also eagerly look forward to hearing your views and recommendations on how to solve the dreadful dropout rate at APS.

Also for those of you that want to see all the nitty-gritty details of the vote, see the chart below.

D5 Lee Runoff detail 120313

2 Responses to District 5 Board of Education Steven Lee gets out the vote & wins handily

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    How can you congratulate Mr. Lee when we just voted in a person who lied about his credentials, in a major way, falsified records and did so for years.
    The BOE is made up of honest individuals who vote on matters related to children and personnel. How can Mr. Lee make recommendations on any matters related to ethics and falsification of records, teacher certification credentials, and cheating? Remember…Cheating? The clouds have not lifted, yet!

    Mr. Lee may be a nice man who is dedicated to helping dropouts, but his act of parading as Dr. Lee when he went to a diploma mill, is unforgivable when serving on the BOE. If he were doing any other job, but this one…it may not have mattered as much, to some.

    The GA Teacher Code of Ethics that ALL GA EDUCATORS have to abide by, how can we have a BOE member who lied and cheated to such a degree? For educators, this is a BIG DEAL and should be to you and every resident in GA.

  2. H.A. Hurley says:

    It is interesting to me that Dr? Lee’s violations are little to no concerns to others. Or, few readers write comments.
    I have lived in ATL for years, worked with APS and continue to follow educational issues nationally and locally.
    The focus on creating a new BOE was to ‘put the ATL Scandal’ behind us. Well, Dr? Lee is the new scandal, in my book. Potentially, he has to rule on firing educators who falsify their credentials. Not unheard of. Well, how would he vote? Does he want to allow liars to remain and work with our children? Would he have a conflict with the Professional Standards Commission Code of Ethics? Liars do not rehabilitate! Why should we even offer a place for him to rehabilitate his image? His voters obviously do not care!! Their ignorance will cost ATL more legal fees as we shovel the Cheating Scandal PILE for years.
    Any other comments from readers? Anyone out there care?

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