Eshe’ Collins victory in District 6 Board of Education runoff was a mirror image of the general election

EsheCollins head shotThe District 6 Board of Education runoff, in which Eshe’ Collins defeated Dell Byrd by an 18 point margin, almost exactly mirrored the general election last month.

The following chart pretty much tells the whole story. As you can see, if you exclude the general election votes from the candidates that did not qualify for the runoff, Collins received 58.7% and Byrd received 41.3% of the votes. This compares to Collins receiving 59.1% and Byrd 40.9% in the runoff – there was almost no change.

D6 Collins Runoff summary 120313

A couple of observations:

  • The 6.1% turnout in the district was reasonably consistent with the citywide average.
  • Essentially, both candidates did a good job of retaining a portion of the voters who pulled the lever for them in November – Collins retained 48.6% and Byrd 47.9% – nearly identical.
  • While Collins subsequently received the endorsements of both of the candidates that did not qualify for the runoff, given the vote totals, it appears that the voters who cast their votes for Anne McKenzie and Shawnna Hayes-Tavares in the general election split their votes for Collins and Byrd in a manner consistent with the runoff election percentage outcome.

Ms. Collins – congratulations on your victory – it was a hard-fought campaign from the beginning and your efforts paid off. We look forward the contribution you will make to the Board – especially with your extensive experience working with early education initiatives.

Eshe’ – Nicely done!

Below is a chart with all the details – precinct by precinct (click to enlarge).

D6 Collins Runoff detail 120313

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