Atlanta Public Schools posts revised FY15 budget – total expenses the same, but with reallocation of expenditures

The Atlanta Public Schools has posted its revised FY15 budget (see here). The revision still has $657.6 million in expenditures, but there are some reallocation of expenditures between departments.

In addition, the revision contains a Balanced Scorecard for each department that indicates what specific performance measures are affected by the spending. While this is a good first step, it would be far more helpful if they showed what each measurement point was for the last two years, what they are projecting it will be for this year and what the objective is for next year. This would go far in answering the question “What are we buying?” It would also be a first good step towards tying expenditures to objectives. I guess that “one step at a time” is the best we can do – this is forward progress.

I will be reviewing the changes and discussing them in a later post either today or tomorrow depending on how extensive they are.

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