Atlanta Public Schools Budget Committee meeting today at 3 pm

The Atlanta Public School Budget Committee will meet today at 3 p.m. at the downtown central office (see notice here). This will be the first meeting since the administration published its revised budget on March 24. See a summary here and a detailed presentation here.

Also, I want to thank the Budget Department for publishing the information in the summary noted above that shows, by department, the revisions since the prior budget was released. It is very helpful and will serve to focus the discussion on the key line items.

As an additional note, it would help if the Instruction section was broken down into its sub-components so that major areas of spending within this group could be evaluated without having to do the math ourselves. A suggested breakdown is as follows:

  • Kindergarten – already exists
  • Core instruction – and a breakdown by elementary, middle and high school would be great as well
    • College Prep
    • Fine Art
    • Athletics
    • Gifted and Talented Programs
    • Media Services (currently shown in IT budget)
    • Exceptional Children’s Program
    • Remedial Instruction Programs
    • Vocational Programs
    • Non-Traditional Education Programs
  • Student Services
  • In-School Administration
  • Central Office School Administration
  • Professional Development

For a more detailed presentation with the above breakdown, see .

FY15 Presentation Proposal


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