APS teacher and other employee salary increases announced on a preliminary basis – approximately 3.9% across the district

During the Budget Commission meeting yesterday, the administration presented its plan for allocating the $15 million for FY15 budgeted pay raises to various classes of employees. Of the $15 million, approximately $12.2 million is being granted in salary increases and the balance is to pay for additional employee benefits related to the salary increases.

On average, the salary increase is approximately 3.9% across the district and represents the first increase for many employees since the last step increase in 2009.

The AJC reported (see here – behind pay wall),

Substantial pay raises are on the way for Atlanta public school employees whose salaries haven’t budged in more than four years… [The proposal announced] replaces the school board’s previous plan, which sought to give every employee a 3 percent raise.

Under the current proposal, the salary increases are being allocated among four employee classifications – each of which is shown in the chart below (click to enlarge).

APS Salary INcrease 041814Percent Spending by Category

  • Starting at the bottom of the chart, there are 2,179 full-time employees that have received some kind of “salary action” in the past two years. The “salary action” is defined as a pay increase due to promotion, earning advanced degrees or for any other reason. These employees would receive a one-time bonus payment of $1,000 and based on the average salary for the group, it amounts to approximately a 1.7% increase.
  • The second group from the bottom represents 2,558 full-time employees that have not had any kind of salary increase in four years. This group will receive a 5.6% pay increase which approximates an increase of two-steps on the salary schedules. It is important to remember that, under normal circumstances, these employees would have received an increase of four-steps in salary over the last four years when no step increases were given.
  • The administration also addressed the part-time and hourly workers on the payroll and is proposing a 5% increase for the 975 employees in this category.
  • The group at the top of the chart are 683 employees that have not had any “salary action” or raises in the last two years (but did have some “salary action or raise in the two years prior to that). This group is receiving raises that are comprised of two different components. The first component is a 2.8% bump in salary, which is consistent with a one-step salary increase. The second component is a $1,000 one-time bonus payment. When combined, the two components amount to approximately a 4.5% increase for FY15.

The AJC also reports that APS officials commented,

“Doing it this way reaches people more equitably. We want a fair distribution of raises,” said board Chairman Courtney English. 

Superintendent Erroll Davis said he wanted to bring the salaries of longer-term employees closer to the level of experienced teachers from other school districts who entered the school system at a higher pay grade. “This was a better way of giving raises than doing it just across the board,” Davis said.

It has been a long dry spell for many teachers and other employees at APS. It is clear that the current Board wants to move forward improving teacher compensation and, in addition to the pay raises, the Board has eliminated any furlough days for teachers or administrators.

And – another campaign promise kept. Well done.

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