Atlanta Public School administration begins to align staff with FY15 budget – 130 positions eliminated for FY15

The Atlanta Public School administration today announced the net elimination of 130 positions to realign the workforce with the FY15 Budget that was passed last month. The proposed changes will be reviewed by the Board of Education in today’s meeting (see more on meeting here and here).

The net reduction of 130 employees represents a  1.7% reduction in the approximately 7,600 total APS personnel and approximately a 2.1% reduction in the approximately 6,100 non-hourly positions in APS.

The changes by division are as follows:

Curriculum and Instruction Division – a total of 91 net positions are being abolished with the changes summarized as,

236 positions (201 grant-funded and 35 general-funded) are abolished effective June 30, 2014 and September 15, 2014. 145 positions (82 grant-funded and 63 general-funded) are created effective July 1, 2014 as indicated in the attached plan.

 The details of the positions abolished and created at the bottom of the post or see additional detail here.

Comment – the elimination of the grant funded positions was discussed in general at Budget Commission meetings, however this is the first time we are seeing the detail on this. The FY15 Special Revenue Fund Budget, that will likely be approved today (see here), has a decrease of approximately $8.5 million in federal funding as compared to FY14 and results in positions being eliminate as the funding source has expired.

Facilities Services Division – a total of 13 positions are being abolished and nine employees are affected. The positions eliminated are as follows:

  • Administrative Assistant I (2 out of 4 positions)
  • General Clerk (1 out of 4 positions)
  • Administrative Clerk (3 out of 8 positions)
  • Resource Manager (1 out of 1 position)
  • Warehouse Supervisor (1 vacant position)
  • Warehouse Technician II (1 out of 1 position)
  • Warehouse Technician I (1 out of 1 position)
  • Maintenance Generalist (3 vacancies)

Information Technology Division – IT is eliminating 26 media paraprofessionals from its Media Services department to conform to the FY15 Budget.

Detail of Curriculum and Instruction Changes

FY15 CandI abolished 050514

FY15 CandI created 050515

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2 Responses to Atlanta Public School administration begins to align staff with FY15 budget – 130 positions eliminated for FY15

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    Bob, Literacy & Math Coord are removed and added at the same time? Same people? New hire?

    • I am not sure yet – this is a process they have to go through to get the positions authorized in the General Fund. There are several minor changes in the position titles, so it could be the same person transferring to a different Fund or it could be a new hire. I will try to get more detail at the meeting today.

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