A brief introduction to Mays HS, Grady HS and Gideons Elementary new principals [Updated]

On Monday, the Atlanta Public School administration released the names of ten new principals. The following is a brief introduction to three of the principals named. See the full list of the ten principals named here.

Mays High Principal Richard Fowler [updated]

(Picture credit – Clayton County PS)


Mr. Fowler has served as principal at Woodland Middle School in the Fulton County Public Schools for the last two years and also served as Assistant Principal at the Tri-Cities High School in the same district. Previously, and over a period of eight years, he served as an Assistant Principal, an Academic Dean and as a Teacher at Reagan High School in Austin, TX. Additionally, he served as a Chemistry Teacher in Prince George’s County, MD for six years.

He earned a B.S. in chemistry at Howard University and received his M.ED. from the University of Texas at Austin.



Grady High Principal Timothy Guiney

(Picture credit – Clayton County PS)

Mr. Guiney serves as principal at Adamson Middle School for the past four years in the Clayton County Public Schools. Previously he served as the Assistant Principal at Adamson for three+ years and as a Language Arts Teacher for nearly five years.

In 2013, Mr. Guiney was selected as the Clayton County Public School Principal of the Year.






Gideons Elementary Principal Jesse Berger

Berger - Gideon 1

(Picture credit – Clayton County PS)

Mr. Berger currently serves as the principal at Callaway Elementary School in Clayton County Public Schools. From the school website principal message, Mr. Berger states:

I have been dedicated to the field of education for nineteen years. During this time, my experiences include teaching in the San Francisco Unified School District, Prince George’s County Maryland, and the metropolitan Atlanta area. Most recently, I served as assistant principal here at Callaway.






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