Atlanta Public Schools QBE sheet released by the GA DOE

The Quality Basic Education (QBE) funding by the State – as computed by the GA Department of Education (DOE) – has now been released for the Atlanta Public School system and provides for approximately $157.4 million to the entire district. The total allotment is a combined amount for both traditional and charter schools in the district.

The APS FY15 General Fund Budget includes $151.2 million in QBE funds, or $6.2 million less that the QBE allotment as calculated by the DOE. The amount for the FY15 Budget was estimated this past February and it is unclear if the FY15 Budget will be amended to reflect the higher amount. However, it is also likely that the $455 million property tax revenue for FY15 may have been overestimated by as much as $10 million and, as such, the two amounts would offset each other. We should learn more about the changes in the Property Tax Digest this coming Thursday at the Special Legislative Meeting.

The QBE sheet can be seen here (set the fiscal year to FY15 and select Report QBE003 System Allotment Sheets – then select the Atlanta Public Schools 761 near the bottom of the list).  It should also be noted that each district or charter school does not calculate the QBE allotment – they simply aggregate all the necessary data and then submit it to the DOE which then performs the calculation.

At this point it is not possible to break-down the allotments between the charter schools and the traditional schools as the separate charter school allotment sheets have not yet been released by the DOE. Once they publish the sheets for each charter school, then we can determine the QBE breakdown between the traditional and charter schools.

Additionally, we will also be able to breakdown the enrollment between traditional and charter schools by the 19 different categories shown on the QBE allotment sheets. This breakdown is important as it begins to identify the composition of each student body and the numbers of students enrolled in special – and more costly – programs.

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