Limited posts for the near term – Board Special Legislation Meeting on Thursday at 7 p.m.

I found out yesterday that when you spill a full cup of coffee on your laptop computer, bad things happen. IPad blogging is a pretty clumsy process, so posting will be limited until my new laptop is up and running.

Please remember that the Board is holding a Special Legislative Meeting tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7 p.m. I reviewed the agenda and so far, nothing controversial. However, a Personnel Gains Report is on the agenda, but no details have been released. There could be some new principal announcements and additional executive staff for Carstarphen’s team. Just have to wait and see.

Also, the resolutions on the property tax levy is on the agenda. As noted previously, the millage rate will remain the same as last year.

One Response to Limited posts for the near term – Board Special Legislation Meeting on Thursday at 7 p.m.

  1. AN09 says:

    It’s interesting that Carstarphen has been given a blank check to dictate. Let’s see…Glen Brock represents her interests in her sweetheart deal and now is expected to be general counsel and represent the interests of the district as a whole? Conflict of interest. Is the board not going to force an RFP for the legal services he will funnel to his firm? It’s also ironic that the board doc referencing him reads like a press release….who are they trying to convince?? They conveniently left off that one of his partners was the attorney who billed and cost the district millions of dollars, while she filed appeal after appeal in the Ferrari case. Lined her pockets and those of her Macon GA firm rather nicely. Right, Ms. Culves? Why did this firm lose its contracts with Cobb, Clayton, & Bibb counties? Do your homework, Elected Officials. Or maybe we should just refer you BOE members as the “Rubber Stamp Crew.” The board may as well not even meet. Just let Meria call them and tell them what she is going to do next. I am absolutely disgusted watching them trip over their feet while rushing to be her babbling,, drooling escorts. Let’s play an excerpt of her at the leadership academy saying that the “parents in Atlanta have their roles reversed”…meaning they don’t tell her how to run a district. Guess what…they fund that rotten 20-page contract!! By the way, how’s life at the top of the W, Meria? How are the renovations going? That sends a great message to your constituents.

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