Atlanta Public Schools announce teacher and other employee tentative pay raise schedule alternatives – final decision to be made soon

The Atlanta Public School’s CFO Chuck Burbridge presented three alternative scenarios for allocating the $15 million budgeted for pay raises for teachers and other APS employees at the Special Legislative Meeting held on June 19th. The three alternatives presented revise prior presentations as the Board of Education requested that the administration reconsider the initial plans.

All three alternatives include approximately $2-3 million for the cost of providing healthcare benefits to the approximately 107 bus drivers who are paid on an hourly basis who will be changed to full-time employees as a result of the Affordable Care Act mandate.

The remaining $12-13 million will be allocated in one of the following three ways. While a specific decision on which alternative would be selected, it was clear that the administration was leaning towards the first alternative below. All raises will be effective July 1st.

Alternative 1 – the percentage level of the pay raise for all employees in APS would be dependent on their start date with the district. The table below presents the raise that would be granted based on length of service:

FY15 Pay Increase Schedule 062114

As noted above, this is the most likely scenario that will be implemented by the district. The following alternatives – while presented to the Board – are not likely to be selected as the final method of allocation.

Alternative 2 – 3% cost of living adjustment for all full-time (regular) positions.

Alternative 3 – Current employees as of July 1 who had not received a salary adjustment in last two years would receive a 2.5% increase in base salary and current employees as of July 1 who had not received a salary adjustment in last four years would receive a 5% increase in base salary.

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