GA Department of Education releases APS results on CRCT exams

The GA Department of Education today released the individual school district CRCT exam results and the Atlanta Public School district showed little to no improvement over last year.

The AJC reports,

The percentage of Atlanta Public Schools students passing high-stakes state reading and math tests in grades 3, 5, and 8 in general showed little change this year compared to last. That largely mirrors the two-year statewide trend.

APS passing rates in math continue to lag significantly behind passing rates for reading. That’s also in line with statewide trends. This year, nearly a quarter of APS 5th graders failed the state math test, compared to about 10 percent in reading.

And APS passing rates for non-high stakes tests—social studies, science, and English language arts—are significantly below those for reading and math. 

APS Testing and Assessment Director Joe Blessing said. “We’re pleased with our improvement over three years. But Atlanta public schools definitely has a long way to go.”

For the specific results by grade level, go here.

The AJC also reported that the results for each school will be issued in July.

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