Round-Up of APS Headlines from the Past Week

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*** CRCT Exam Results

*** Beltline Debt to APS

*** APS Equity Audit

*** Outgoing Superintendent Davis

***Board of Education

***Board of Education Committee Meetings and Public Forums

  • Accountability Committee – the Committee met this week and is finalizing Superintendent Davis’ review.

*** Other APS News

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5 Responses to Round-Up of APS Headlines from the Past Week

  1. jrhassard says:

    Thank you, Bob for including the letter by Ed Johnson on the GSU Equity Audit. Regards, Jack

    • Jack – As you know, Ed and I often have spirited debates about some his emails and we both have very different perspectives on many issues. However, I thought the analytical part of the piece that Ed did on the equity/inequity of the experienced teacher distribution was outstanding. This type of additional analysis is exactly what is needed as the Equity Audit essentially is a “data dump” with limited to no analysis and no conclusions (although it tends to lead readers to conclusions that may be inherently incorrect). I hope that Ed continues with this type of analytical review and that APS consider his work on this. I would also hope that Ed moves beyond the analytics and provides suggested operational implementation strategies for the solutions he favors. Thanks. Bob

  2. jrhassard says:

    Bob, He has done similar kind of analysis on the NAEP Trial Urban District studies which I’ve published on my blog. He has some very important things to say about school improvement, and I am on the same page with him on this. Sometime ago, in his analysis of the NAEP data over at least ten years, he showed that most all urban districts were sailing on the same boat—Atlanta was no different than any of the others. I’ve also analyzed Georgia, and Atlanta data over the past ten years, and have come to similar conclusions. Our educational system is not in free fall. And scores on math, science, reading have fallen within predicted zones, and have even risen a bit. Improvement is needed. Yes. But…

    What this means to me (and especially to Ed) is that the turn around formula that is perpetuated in the Race to the Top Program is the wrong direction to take Atlanta. The details of the Race to the Top, which I’ve studied, show that there is definite plan to turn around so called “failing” schools, replace the principal and many of its teachers, and replace them with Teach for America or The New Teacher Project recruits.

    We hope that Dr. C will rebut this effort, and apply real leadership to challenge the board to move in a direction of school improvement, not school deform.

    Best regards,

  3. Beverly Fraud says:

    Re: “I would also hope that Ed moves beyond the analytics and provides suggested operational implementation strategies for the solutions he favors.”

    Solution. Give teachers the authority to maintain the sanctity of the learning environment. Read: NOT more “training” NOT “new pedagogy” NOT “reform du juor”

    You’re “Waiting for Superman” to come save the schools?

    Remove the kryptonite! Restore the DISCIPLINE!

    When it no longer not uncommon for students to berate, verbally abuse or even PHYSICALLY ASSAULT teachers with absolutely NO consequences for such behavior, then and ONLY then, will you have progress. (And if you claim this is not uncommon in APS, then to be blunt, you are either a fool or a liar.)

    When you address the STUDENT behavior (instead of putting the teacher on a PDP to silence them) then you will have progress.

    Have we heard ANYTHING definitive on discipline? In a word, no.

    Have we heard ANYTHING definitive on not using the evaluation instrument in a retaliatory fashion? In a word, no.

    Even after it was a major tool used to silence teachers during a decade’s worth of academic genocide, we still have no policy with REAL TEETH to prevent such abuses!

    And we have the nerve to talk about the “leadership skills” of Davis and/or Carstarphen? Leaders, or lackeys of the educational industrial complex?

    Fair question when one asks how could they NOT address discipline and how could they NOT address misuse of the evaluation instrument, when both have been proven to be FATAL to progress in APS?

    What has a decade plus of “reform” WITHOUT these two components given us?

    Millions of dollars in taxpayer money being flushed down Atlanta Public Sewers-er- Atlanta Public Schools. And until the voters of Atlanta demand APS and/or the board address this, they will continue to get the substandard school system they FULLY and RICHLY deserve.

    It is what it is…

  4. lifelong says:

    Mr. Stockwell: thanks for your continued great coverage of issues affecting APS. Your site is an invaluable resource to me and my family.

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