My review of retiring Superintendent Davis’ tenure – part 1 published in AJC blog

Over the last several weeks I have been working on a long article assessing the three-year tenure of retiring Atlanta Public School Superintendent Davis. Maureen Downey, who writes at the Get Schooled blog at the AJC, published the first part of the article today and will publish the second part tomorrow. See the first part here.

After the second part is published tomorrow, I will post the article it in its entirety on the blog.

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One Response to My review of retiring Superintendent Davis’ tenure – part 1 published in AJC blog

  1. Beverly Fraud says:


    I only take one issue with your summary. And that is, that Davis was able to help “restore” accreditation. That’s because the loss of accreditation was NEVER going to happen. At worst (and this isn’t “revisionist history” this was put on Get Schooled when this happened) APS would “lose” accreditation AFTER a senior class graduated and “restored” BEFORE the next senior class graduated. In sum, the “accredited” diploma of APS students was NEVER in question (SACS pulled the same stunt in ClayCo, so it was easy to astute observers to see this political power play coming a mile away)

    To be even more blunt, the previous APS board could have been featured on YouTube, en masse, dancing on a stripper pole at Magic City and the school system STILL wouldn’t have lost accreditation, “governance” be d@mned.

    That’s because the entire episode had NOTHING to do with “what’s best for children” and everything to do with a political power play designed to PROTECT Beverly Hall. Balderdash, you say?

    Well if it’s balderdash, can one explain why was SACS silent for two years following THE largest cheating scandal in United States educational history, but ONLY became involved with the board, in a perfectly (so said the court) LEGAL, move replaced the board chair who ACTIVELY CONSPIRED with Beverly Hall to cover up cheating?

    Wouldn’t the “good governance” Elgart claims to love dictate supporting a LEGAL move designed to prevent the woman who actively conspired to hide the cheating of APS from doing even MORE damage than she and Hall had already done in trying to get to the truth of the cheating scandal?

    If not, (according to the AJC) why did Mark Elgart (with Kasim Reed in tow) try to strongarm El into resigning in order to restore as board chair the woman who actively conspired with Beverly Hall to cover up cheating?

    And YES I would posit these questions remain EVERY BIT as relevant today as APS has brought on Elgart crony Glen Brock and we still don’t know how much behind the scenes “quid pro quo” might be going on with Reed and APS over the Beltline deal, given that he apparently was willing to use his political muscle in conjunction with a “bidness” community that CLEARLY wanted the cheating scandal to go away, children be d@mned.

    What is this new board’s priority; making SACS happy, or helping children LEARN? A fair and legitimate question based on the LACK of discussion on students, versus the discussions on Brock, Reed, “transition dollars” and the Beltline, is it not?

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