Update on incoming APS Superintendent Carstarphen’s executive team [Updated]

[Update – subsequent to posting this, I received an update on specific position titles. The post has been updated.]

Dr. Meria J. Carstarphen will assume the superintendents responsibilities for the Atlanta Public Schools starting this coming Monday, July 7. Over the course of the last two months she has worked with her transition team assessing the current organizational structure and has made a number of personnel decisions.

The following is what we know about who will be the key leaders in her administration.

  • Office of the Superintendent – Angela Smith, who has background in consulting and strategic planning, has been appointed as Special Assistant to the Superintendent – see her LinkedIn profile here. Jodi Lynn Merriday has been appointed as the APS Ombudsman. She has a background as an academic focusing on African-American studies and also previously worked for APS. Her resume and other background information can be seen here and here.
  • Chief of Staff – this position remains unfilled. Steve Smith, who recently resigned his position as Associate Superintendent has entered into a contract to advise the administration on transition activities over the next six months (see here). Under the current organizational structure, the Associate Superintendent/Chief of Staff is responsible for the External Affairs and the Communications Departments. Jill Strickland, who served as the communications officer for the transition team, has been named as Executive Director of Communications and Public Engagement (see bio here). Mikkal Murunga will continue as the Executive Director of External Affairs.
  • Deputy Superintendent for Instruction – the search for this position continues and Karen Waldon, who announced her retirement last month, will remain in her positions until her successor is hired. Under the current structure, there are three Assistant Superintendents and five Executive Directors. The Assistant Superintendent for Student Services position is open due to the retirement of John O’Connor in April. Timothy Gadson, who comes from Austin, will serve as Executive Director for High Schools.  Tammie Workman, also from Austin, has been appointed as Assistant Superintendent for Student Services. I would expect some additional changes in this group once the new Deputy Superintendent is named.
  • Chief Accountability and Information Officer Accountability – Bill Cartij served as Chief Performance Officer in Austin and is now responsible for accountability in APS. This is a new position for APS and it is intended to ensure the integrity of testing and data.
  • General Counsel – Glenn Brock, who served as counsel to the transition team, has been appointed as General Counsel for APS. He will not be a direct employee of APS and will serve under a contract with the district. See more on this here and here.
  • Organizational Advancement – Chief Strategy Office Alexis Kirijan announced her retirement resignation last week and her last day was on June 30th. It is unclear if this position will be refilled as Carstarphen has said “I am the chief strategy officer” for the organization.
  • Chief Financial Officer – Chuck Burbridge will continue as CFO along with his Deputy CFO Nader Sohrab.
  • Deputy Superintendent for Operations – Larry Hoskins will continue to serve in this position. The Deputy position for operations has been open since early April.
  • Human Resources – Pamela Hall, who served with Carstarphen in Austin, was named as Chief Human Resources Officer. Skye Duckett, who also comes to Atlanta from Austin, will serve as Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer (see LinkedIn profile here).
  • Information Technology – Tony Hunter remains as Chief Information Officer along with his Deputy CIO Tiwanna Hayes.

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on July 14th and I would anticipate that additional appointments to the senior executive team will be announced then.

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2 Responses to Update on incoming APS Superintendent Carstarphen’s executive team [Updated]

  1. Tom says:

    I don’t know anything about most of the people on this list – they may be outstanding choices – but my initial take is that Carstarphen is recycling a lot of used parts. I remain optimistic, but its hard to see how the culture of APS will change without large scale change in upper-level management.

  2. Beverly Fraud says:

    Well one “positive” if you wish to call it that. No matter how unethical or incompetent the new administration turns out to be, APS should have no problems with SACS, now that the “de facto bribe” has been paid out in the hiring of Glen Brock. (No reason to mince words; it is what it is…)

    Of course the new administration COULD be competent, despite some “bidness as usual” (sans blatant cheating) actions that have come from this new board, but if not, it’s nice to know the SACS base is “covered” as it were…

    Perhaps if it’s not too inconvenient, they can address the 800 lbs elephant in the room, maintaining the sanctity of the learning environment (perhaps calling it “the sanctity of the learning environment” will help those politically correct pathogens who are unwilling and unable to use the word “discipline”)

    PS From poster “lifelong” on a previous thread:

    “Mr. Stockwell: thanks for your continued great coverage of issues affecting APS. Your site is an invaluable resource to me and my family.”

    Agreed. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine the shenanigans APS might try if there wasn’t a watchdog like this to keep an eye on them. It’s disappointing that there are not dozens, if not hundreds of posters on this site, encouraging our blog host, as safe to say, yeoman’s work is being done here, work that is SORELY needed.

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