Carstarphen confirms appointment of Jernigan as deputy superintendent & details on the rest of the APS exec team

Maureen Downey at the AJC’s Get Schooled blog reports that Meria Carstarphen issued an email to employees officially announcing the appointment of David Jernigan as deputy superintendent.

In the email, Carstarphen said,

“Many of you may already know David, as he started his career as a teacher at APS’ M. Agnes Jones Elementary School. He has done an incredible job at KIPP over the last 12 years and will bring those lessons, insights, and much more to this new role. Additionally, one of the Board’s priorities outlined in its April 2014 retreat is to improve collaboration between our charter and APS community schools. I believe David will be an asset in this effort. David carries a strong commitment to Atlanta’s students, and I believe he will make an even broader impact in public education in this new role.”

For more background on Jernigan, see prior post here.

Carstarphen also stated in the email,

“Earlier this week, I introduced the members of our leadership team who are at various levels throughout the district. This team is a combination of current professionals from APS and other leading school districts and organizations around the nation. Like you, these talented leaders are passionate about education and prepared to strengthen our system of support—from accountability and compliance to human resources and communications on behalf of our students, teachers and principals…

The executives named to date fall into two major categories – instruction and general administration/operations, as follows:

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Ms. Karen Waldon         Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
  • Dr. Sid Baker                   Executive Director of Elementary Schools (formerly head of North Region)
  • Dr. Danielle Battle          Executive Director of Elementary Schools (formerly head of South Region)
  • Mr. David White             Executive Director of Elementary Schools (formerly head of East Region)
  • Dr. Greg Middleton        Executive Director of Middle Schools (formerly head of West Region)
  • Dr. Timothy Gadson      Executive Director of High Schools
  • Ms. Tammie Workman  Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
  • Mr. William Caritij         Chief Accountability & Information Officer

General Administration/Operations

  • David Jernigan               Deputy Superintendent
  • Mr. Chuck Burbridge     Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Glenn Brock             General Counsel
  • Ms. Pamela Hall              Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Ms. Skye Duckett            Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Mr. Larry Hoskins          Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Tony Hunter             Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Jodi Merriday           Ombudsman
  • Ms. Angela Smith            Special Assistant to the Superintendent
  • Ms. Jill Strickland           Executive Director of Communications & Public Engagement

For more background information on the individual’s named above, see prior post here.

It is also interesting to note that all four Regional Executive Directors have now been named to new positions in the administration and it remains unclear if the regional structure will be maintained under Carstarphen’s  administration. I will update this as I get more information.

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