Advisory Committee recommends that Board of Education establish APS as a Charter System

The School System Operating Models and Flexibility Options Advisory Committee, composed of 30 members from all parts of the district (see here), will recommend to the Atlanta Public School Board of Education that APS adopt a Charter System as its ongoing operational mode.

Per the recommendation to the Board (Item 6.02 on Agenda),

The superintendent’s advisory committee has recommended that the district submit the Letter of Intent to establish the Atlanta Public School District as a charter system. If approved, APS plans to apply to the State Board of Education for charter system status. The recommended model for an APS charter system application would include cluster-driven implementation. 

The administration has examined the options of operating as a Charter System, as an Investing in Education Excellence (IE2) system, and remaining as a status quo system. We have also reviewed the other options outlined by the Georgia State Board of Education including the System of Charters Schools and System of Charter Clusters. After carefully considering the features and structures of each of the models, we believe charter system offers the greatest opportunity for improving all of our Atlanta Public Schools. Our vision for the Atlanta Public School system is to ensure that every student is college and career ready. This is not just a theme for the school system, but genuine commitment to educate each and every student in our schools. The charter system operating model aligns with our future strategic direction, enables our vision and will allow us to best serve our students.

At today’s BOE meeting, Angela Smith, Special Assistant to the Superintendent will present additional information on the process during the Board Work Session (see PowerPoint presentation 20141006 Advisory Committee Operating Models Recommendation and Report Oct 6 v3.pptx (1,418 KB).

In addition, the Committee recommends considering incorporating of a cluster framework as a part of the governance structure

The Board has schedule time on the Agenda to review and discuss the recommendation of the Committee. The matter will be brought back to the Board for a final decision in the November Board meeting.

The Committee has had an extensive number of workshops and community input on the choices for an ongoing operating model. My sense is that they got this one right.

The Committee members deserve the thanks of the community for their work and their diligence in working through some tough and complex issues.

Well done!

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2 Responses to Advisory Committee recommends that Board of Education establish APS as a Charter System

  1. Beverly Fraud says:

    Yes let’s adopt a system that allows APS to TOTALLY circumvent class size requirements without even beginning to have an HONEST conversation about the potential for real demonstrable harm.

    Two teachers out of THIRTY members on the alleged “advisory board”? (Yes I’m sure they had some real “input” in shaping the final selection LOL)

    And SUCH a lovely link for the public at large to pretend they had some input; were any results of the survey presented, or would that be too much like having REAL accountability?

    In sum, how does the “new APS” act any differently than say, the North Korean government? Best guess, the North Korean government probably has a slightly LESS oppressive corporate culture for its rank and file work force.

    • 05girl says:

      Beverly Fraud, did you check out the PowerPoint? There are several slides that reference the feedback from public meetings and stakeholders. Take a look at the slides and let me know If this is sufficient accountability for your points in your third paragraph. If not, how could accountability be proved in regards to the survey results and public commenting?


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