Atlanta Public School Board of Education meeting today at 2 p.m. – a review of the Agenda

The Atlanta Public School Board of Education will hold its regularly scheduled monthly meeting today at 2 p.m. The Work Session will likely be the most interesting part as there are five presentations as follows:

Upon completion of the Work Session, the Committee of the Whole will convene. The items on the Consent Agenda are fairly straight forward and include (with some comments):

  • Report No. 14/15-1713 Approval of Annual Agenda Planning Calendar
  • Report No. 14/15-1714 Authorization to Revise Policy GARD Employee Hiring and Compensation (Final Approval)
  • Report No. 14/15-1715 Authorization to Repeal Policy GA Leadership Personnel (Final Approval)
  • Report No. 14/15-1716 Authorization to Revise Policy DC Annual Operating Budget (First Reading) [Comment – my sense is that this revision is appropriate, however, its success in providing the Board with adequate information to provide them with the necessary information to complete their oversight function will be dependent on the revisions to the monthly financial presentations.]
  • Report No. 14/15-1717 Authorization to Waive Policy GAG to allow Teachers to Work for APS Flexible Learning Program Providers
  • Report No. 13/14-1718 Recommendation to Approve the Request to Amend the Performance Measures of The Westside Atlanta Charter School Westside Atlanta Charter School is requesting to substitute the NWEA MAP as it is aligned to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) and because it has been approved by the Georgia Department of Education as the Student Learning Objective (SLO) assessment for the school. 
  • Report No. 14/15-5104 Human Resources Personnel Actions Report – The Report announces the recommendation of the appointment of the new Chief Academic Officer – see posts on this here and here.
  • Report No. 14/15-1133 Authorization to Enter into and Execute a Contract to Provide Delivery Order Contract Services – $25 million – [Comment – quite frankly I have no idea what this is for as the recommendation is vague at best. I hope someone explains this one a bit more to us laypersons – $25 million is a lot of money.]
  • Report No. 14/15-1134 FY 15 Budget Transfer Authorization – transfers of approximately $508 thousand from District Leases to Information Applications ($408k) and from Organizational Advancement to the Superintendent’s Office ($100k). – [Comment – the $408k transfer is why the administration has a huge credibility problem with the budget adopted this past May when it presented a $3.1 million budget for District Leases. Now it has determined that it can transfer $408k out of this account to another account. This amount represents 13.2% of the original budget. This does not inspire confidence and is an indicator that there may be many other items like this hidden in the FY15 budget that were submitted as placeholders to cover the previous administrations “wish lists”. If the new administration wants to gain trust from the Board and the public on fiscal matters, proposing honest and realistic budgets is a good place to start.]
  • Report No. 14/15-1135 Approval of the FY16 Budget Parameters and Timeline – see Budget Development Calendar here and Preliminary Budget Parameters here.
  • Report No. 14/15-4304 – Authorization for the Board Chair and Superintendent to Execute a FY 2016 Georgia Department of Education Capital Outlay Application

There are several items on the Agenda for discussion. The most important being the recommendation on the proposed operating model for the system. On the Agenda, (item 6.02 Report No. 14/15-1720 School System Operating Models and Flexibility Options Advisory Committee Recommendation) – see prior post on this here. In addition, the Board will consider the revisions to the District’s Goals & Objectives and the revised Mission and Vision Statements (see here).

At the end of the Committee of the Whole session, the Board will go into Executive Session to review matters involving real estate, personnel, litigation, settlements and student discipline matters. Upon conclusion of the Executive Session, the Board will vote on any decisions reached.

As noted above, there are a lot of interesting items. See you all there!

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One Response to Atlanta Public School Board of Education meeting today at 2 p.m. – a review of the Agenda

  1. Beverly Fraud says:

    Fantastic! Let’s tie educator pay to test scores, only let’s do it with a “Value Added” model that has been held up to complete ridicule and contempt by the leaders of the statistics community.

    In sum, tie teachers/admin pay to tests that almost nobody has any faith in;

    Yes, yes, yes, that worked OH SO VERY WELL for Atlanta Public Schools in the past, didn’t it.

    Laughable if not so absolutely pathetic…

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