More on new Chief Academic Officer from Saginaw Michigan – Dr. Carlton Jenkins

Carlton JenkinsAs announced last Friday, the Atlanta Public School Board of Education will appoint Dr. Carlton D. Jenkins as the Chief Academic Officer. He will replace retiring Karen Waldon who has led the Curriculum & Instruction Division for the last several years. Jenkins is now serving as the Superintendent for the Saginaw Public School system in Saginaw, Michigan and became the Superintendent there in April 2010.

Per the Saginaw Public School website,

 Each school day, the district welcomes over 7,623 students through the doors of its 20 schools, including 11 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 3 high schools. Saginaw Public Schools has a record of steady, marked improvement and a continual quest for excellence. Saginaw Public Schools is home to one nationally recognized Blue Ribbon Schools selected and honored by the U.S. Department of Education.

Per various new reports, Jenkins has been a candidate for other top district positions over the last year, including the Anoka-Hennepin school district in Minneapolis and overseeing 15 Detroit failing schools.

A report on his candidacy for the Detroit position – in which he was one of two finalists – provides additional information,

Carlton D. Jenkins, superintendent of Saginaw Public Schools, is a longtime educator who has been a teacher, principal and superintendent. However, with the exception of eight years as a high school principal in Columbus, Ohio, Jenkins’ experience has been in small cities and school districts.

Jenkins’ resume touts accomplishments in Saginaw that included boosting the district’s graduation rate 15.8 percent over three years and building new partnerships with Fortune 50 and 500 companies.

“He came to Saginaw earlier to take on his duties as the new superintendent, and delved into his new role with passion, energy, commitment, vision and advocacy to our district,” said Beverly Yanca, president of the district’s school board. “His ability to work with children, parents, teachers, staff, community partners, business leaders, etc. … is exceptional.”

Before going to Saginaw, Jenkins worked in Beloit, Wisconsin, where he was executive director of secondary and charter schools and a high school principal.

Superintendent Steve McNeal described Jenkins as a “good guy who definitely has a heart for kids.” “He is a gentleman who is level-headed and collaborative by nature,” said McNeal, whose district serves about 7,300 students. “He has a way of interacting with people that makes them feel engaged and part of the process.”

The following link is to a video of the interview with Jenkins for the Detroit position (see here).

This past March (see here),

The Saginaw School District Board of Education rated Superintendent Carlton Jenkins effective and extended his contract by one year. …the board voted 4-2 to extend Jenkins’ contract one more year, meaning he’ll remain in the district through the 2016-2017 school year.

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