APS Human Resources reorganized during September

During the month of September, under the leadership of Chief Human Resources Officer Pamela Hall, who came to APS from AISD, the Atlanta Public School’s Human Resources function has been reorganized.

In summary – per a PowerPoint presentation on the APS website, the following changes have been made:

  • The divisions of Centers of Expertise, Strategic Services, and HR Operations are being renamed to Talent Management and HR Services. All positions in Human Resources will be combined into one program budget, 8004 – “Human Resources.”
  • The Talent Management team will be accountable for providing direct support to supervisors in their staffing needs, including the first line of recruiting, onboarding, substitutes, hiring, certification, applicant screening, HR technology, and staffing allocations.
  • The HR Services group will provide data entry and accuracy for all employment records, as well as subject-matter-expertise in certification, position control, HR technology, compensation, new teacher induction, and absence management.
  • Goals include improved customer service experience for internal and external customers, greater communication and transparency, accuracy of data management systems, record keeping systems, and talent identification, development, and retention.

Seven staff members from the Office of Internal Control and Legal Departments will transfer to HR to handle employee relations functions. In addition, the Employee Benefits, Risk Management, Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation function (Dept. 8006) – with 11 positions – is being transferred to Finance.

As a result of these transfers, HR will have approximately 60 staff members versus the 63 contained in the FY15 Budget. However, since the moves noted above are all transfers, the total APS FY15 Budget appears to remain unchanged as a result of the HR reorganization.

Per the APS website, Hall stated,

I … expect our district to become recognized as a world-class organization that supports the recruitment and retention of outstanding employees that will enhance the district’s vision for student achievement. What can you expect from our reorganized department?

  • A change in culture that is student-focused, customer service driven, and supportive of the organization and each other.
  • Organized people and processes that provide maximum efficiency and opportunities to excel.
  • Utilization of technology to reduce manual processes and errors.
  • Involvement by key stakeholders in decision-making and transparency through communication.

The new top-level organization chart is as follows (click to enlarge):

HR Org Chart 100814

You can access additional levels of the organization chart here.

As part of restructuring, employees are now directed to contact individuals within HR with questions or concerns versus a call center that is being closed at the end of October. To facilitate interaction between HR staff and employees, HR has published a complete list of all personnel, their functions, phone numbers and email addresses (see here).

Last May when Pamela Hall’s name was announced, I wrote a post (see here) that presented a very significant difference in the efficiency of the AISD HR function versus the APS function. Based on my research, AISD had 43 HR staff to handle over 11 thousand district employees – or one HR staff per 260 employees. At that time, the APS HR function had one person for 141 employees.

I had hoped that under Hall’s leadership, the APS HR function would become more efficient and begin to move towards the efficiency levels in Austin. However, none of the changes noted in the above reorganization indicate that this will be the case.

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