More background on resignation of Mary Lin principal Brian Mitchell

As reported in the prior post, the AJC’s Get Schooled blog published the following quote,

“There is a division of parent support at Mary Lin and the ‘anti-Dr. Mitchell’ group has been extremely vocal and has had the ears of [Superintendent] Carstarphen and [Regional K-12 Executive Director of Schools David] White since the beginning of the school year.”

The noted division has been public now for some time and it appears that Mitchell’s frustration with the issue led to his resignation.

Last month, Mitchell posted the following statement on his principal’s blog at the Mary Lin website (emphasis added):

 It’s no Secret… – Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 11/8/2014

In an effort to be transparent with the community, I want you to know that it not a secret that there are a few vocal parents who do not want me to lead Mary Lin anymore. This small parent group meets with my supervisor monthly since last spring and discusses the things that are going wrong with my leadership and the school. A few weeks later, I receive feedback about these meetings. This is no way for me to be an effective leader. I have recently requested that these parent meetings cease after November. If this small, yet vocal group of parents still has issues, then they will have to bring it down to the school level and give me a fair chance of resolving the issues and complaints.

I would like to think that the majority of the parents and teachers are on board with what is happening at Mary Lin. I am strongly encouraging you to steer the unhappy parents my way so that I could work on their concerns in a timely manner. With over 630 students and over 1,000 parents, I know that it is unreasonable for everyone to be on board with what we are doing at Mary Lin.

Facebook threads of complaints do nothing to solve issues or concerns. I am looking for people to step-up and direct these unhappy parents my way so that I can address their concerns in a timely manner.

Unless I am missing something, we have the majority of the stakeholders with us. Remember, the best is yet to come.

Thanks for all you do,

Dr. Mitchell

More on this as it develops.

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4 Responses to More background on resignation of Mary Lin principal Brian Mitchell

  1. MLEparent says:

    What is latest on this development?

    • The status remains as it was last week. Mitchell has submitted his resignation effective at the end of the school year and APS has accepted his resignation with no apparent effort to get him to rescind it.

      I have looked into the issue in depth and the parents had made a clear and convincing case that there were numerous issues that Mitchell either was not willing to proactively address or were of his own making through his actions. My sense is that the parents now want to put the issue behind them and move on to selecting a new principal who will be better attuned to educational improvement and operational transparency.

      Given that APS assigned Mitchell a principal mentor last year, that numerous meetings between the administration and parents were held and that the administration’s statement accepting Mitchell’s resignation was perfunctory at best, my sense is that the matter is now closed and no further actions will be taken by either the parents or the administration.

  2. Beverly Fraud says:


    I would suggest upon reading more comments on the issue at Get Schooled that the APS administration, with their steadfast refusal to fund at 65% IN the classroom, had a role, if not a MAJOR role to play in this debacle.

    As a general rule, an administrator who is accused of lacking people skills, (the brush Mitchell seems to be tainted with) usually has problems with parents AND teachers (and if not, is is almost invariably the PARENTS the administrator gets on with, as they throw the teachers-the ones they control economically-under the bus to curry favor.)

    Give the support he appears to have among teachers (accepting the fact that some teachers may have felt pressured to sign a support letter if it was indeed passed door, to door) suffice to say something is (yet again) rotten in Denmark. Of course something is so FREQUENTLY rotten in Denmark, no doubt APS employees will soon qualify for automatic Danish citizenship…

    Bottom line: No doubt Mitchell will continue to prosper; no doubt APS (with a few notable exceptions) will continue to be one of the most singular dysfunctional entities on the face of the Earth.

  3. chico dusty says:

    Dr. Mitchell is an outstanding principal. I wish him all the best and I will miss seeing him at Mary Lin. He performed well in an imperfect educational system hell-bent on making test scores the most important metric for a child’s success. To the new principal: BRACE YOURSELF.

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