Atlanta Public School Board of Eduction meeting today at 2 p.m. – $682.8 million FY16 Tentative Budget on the Agenda

The Atlanta Public School Board of Education will hold its regular meeting today starting at 2 p.m.  The key item on the Agenda is the consideration of the FY16 Tentative Budget. The budget is considered to be “tentative” as it can modified before final approval in April.

The Agenda for the meeting is at BoardDoc’s here.

As usual, the more interesting topics will be covered in the Work Session. Today there are five topics as follows:

  • District Assessment of Performance Standards – presentation by Carlton Jenkins, Chief Academic Officer, Samuel Taylor, District Effectiveness Program Manager, GaDOE and Susan White, District Effectiveness Specialist, GaDOE – see the presentation materials here.
  • Charter System Application and Cluster Planning Update – presentation by Angela Smith, Special Assistant to the Superintendent – see the presentation materials here.
  • Positive Behavior Supports – Tammie Workman, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services – see the presentation materials here.
  • FY16 Tentative Budget & Monthly Financial Update – Chuck Burbridge, Chief Financial Officer – see the presentation materials here and here.

I have been following the budget process closely and have attended several Board retreats as the budget was being developed. I have developed a draft analysis, but the process remains fluid and I want to hear the presentation today before commenting on it further.

There were a couple of interesting items on the Personnel Gains and Loss Report (see here) as follows:

  • Kelly Gunn has been appointed as Assistant Principal for the C.S. King YWLA Middle School
  • Linda Anderson – Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning – has resigned effective at the end of the school year.
  • Chuck Burbridge – Chief Financial Officer – has resigned effective this month. See previous post on new position Chuck will take in Chicago here.

The rest of the Agenda items are primarily contract approvals. I did not see anything there that might be controversial. I will also add that the descriptions they are providing are improving and are much clearer.

See you there.

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2 Responses to Atlanta Public School Board of Eduction meeting today at 2 p.m. – $682.8 million FY16 Tentative Budget on the Agenda

  1. Beverly Fraud says:

    MAJOR bs alert

    Re: PBS has reduced discipline referrals by 20-60%

    This does NOT mean discipline PROBLEMS will be reduced 20-60%
    in APS, it means teachers will be pressure to NOT report discipline problems, so they can say “the program worked”

    If this program were REALLY intended to address discipline, wouldn’t it have included a TEACHER climate survey as well as a student one, one given ANONYMOUSLY to prevent retaliation?

    If this charade were any more transparent, Saran Wrap would pay sponsorship money.

  2. Beverly Fraud says:

    Have we not learned ANYTHING from the cheating scandal? A program that bases its effectiveness on “reduced number of referrals” (i.e. data point) is every bit as ripe for MANIPULATION as the tests were.

    Maybe the best, most truthful assessment of the approach would be an ANONYMOUS survey of its effectiveness by teachers, but then that would require Carstarphen and company to give teachers a voice in an atmosphere absent RETALIATION wouldn’t it?

    Now, if they ARE willing to do that, kudos to them! But have Westmoreland and English, who as former APS teachers KNOW FULL WELL this is needed, even bothered to suggest it?

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