More background on APS principals leaving

As noted in yesterday’s post, APS announced the departure of four school principals. Toomer Elementary principal Nicole Jones has resigned and both Douglas High School principal Tony Burkes’ and Forest Hills Academy principal Anthony Howell’s contract were not renewed for next year.

In addition, South Atlanta High School – Law principal Charlotte Davis has resigned. An AJC article (see here) provides more background on Davis’ resignation:

South Atlanta School of Law and Social Justice Principal Charlotte Davis has resigned after a district investigation into alleged improper grade-changing…Davis signed off on at least 39 grade changes last spring, grade-change sheets obtained by WSBTV show. But Davis changed many more grades — several hundred — in a school with about 300 students, according to WSBTV. All but one of the grades were increased to 70, the lowest passing grade. In some cases, the new grades allowed students who earned numeric grades as low as 8 or 9 to pass.

The principal turnover rate continues to be high – 11.0% since August 2014 – but there has also been a process during which Superintendent Carstarphen has had to make some tough assessments and to get her team in place. With a full year to review principal performance,  I would assume that the team in place now is the team Carstarphen believes will help her drive the changes she is looking for.

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