Quick Recap of Monday’s Board of Education regular meeting

The Atlanta Public School’s held its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday. The full agenda can be accessed here and live stream video here. The following is a recap of actions taken or considered by the Board.

The Work Session included the following presentations:

  • Special Revenue Budget – $108 million – Special Revenues are down $12 million from FY15 due to lower other Special Revenues – Budget was passed as part of Consent Agenda.
  • FY15 April Board Financial Report – no changes from last month – property taxes are lower than originally budgeted, but State revenues are higher and essentially offset each other.
  • The CRCT Erasure Analysis Report released last month was reviewed – the Report identified approximately 1,825 students who are still in APS and who appear to have been affected by the cheating scandal. APS will create an Individual Learning Plan for each of these identified students.
  • The Charter System Application was reviewed (see presentation here and application here). The only amendment to the plan that was considered is to give the high school student representative on the Local School Governing Team a vote. Making this change will require some changes to the size of the LSGT and the Superintendent will come back with options on this matter. The Application was passed unanimously and will be filed with the GA DOE by June 30.

During the Superintendent’s Report, she noted that the FY15 graduating class has increased from 1,775 to over 2,250 this year –  a 26% increase. See more on this here.

The Board had a discussion and took action on the following items:

  • The Charter System Application – see notes on this above.
  • Approved the Pension Obligation Bond (POB) referendum – see the presentation made by Board Member Jason Esteves here. The Resolution provides for calling a citywide vote on the issuance of the POB in November and provides parameters that APS will follow in the event the referendum is approved by voters.
  • Several student appeals and personnel matters were reviewed in Executive Session. On all four items considered, the Board accepted the findings of the Commissions that had heard the matters.

During the Legislative Session, the Board unanimously passed the Consent Agenda (there were no questions asked in public by any Board members on any of the 33 items presented). Among the Consent Agenda items (2.01 to 5.02 on the Agenda) were the following:

  • Four charter school petitions were denied for a variety of reasons – at least one of the charter petitions has been presented before and failed for the same reasons as in the past.
  • A number of policies were updated to incorporate changes in the GA Statutes.
  • The Human Resources Personnel Action Report was approved. See more on this here.
  • The Capital Projects Budget – $6.2 millon – was approved. This Fund is essentially being phased out as building projects are now funded out of the SPLOST Fund.
  • The Debt Service Fund Budget – $2.0 million – was approved.
  • Nineteen contracts were approved – the contracts were primarily for maintenance and operations items and the extension of previous contractual relationships. Also included were contracts for software and curriculum services for Social and Emotional Learning, Instructional Management System and Image Director Content Management.
  • A $10.5 million Construction Management at Risk Contract with Winter Construction for renovations at Boyd Elementary was approved.

The Board will not convene in July and the next Board meeting will be held in August.

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4 Responses to Quick Recap of Monday’s Board of Education regular meeting

  1. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the update! Always appreciate your reports and analysis.

  2. Beverly Fraud says:

    Why (according to Ed Johnson in Get Schooled) is APS, in their new “Achieve Atlanta” initiative, working with at least one person who tried to cover up the cheating scandal? (Not sure who the person is, but if APS, or the person(s) had any integrity, wouldn’t they be recused from Achieve Atlanta?

    This in a “new day” at APS?

  3. Beverly Fraud says:

    Why does APS’s “rockstar” superintendent appear to be increasingly reliant on outside, highly paid, consultants to do the business of “reform”?

    I thought APS hired her for HER expertise in these matters.

    And can anyone explain why APS is again in bed with members of the now infamous “Blue Ribbon Commission” that tried to whitewash the cheating scandal?

    Why does this regime seem to be increasingly “Hall version 2.0”?

  4. Beverly Fraud says:

    Trying to sneak though the Hames (no-bid) deal on a “Consent Agenda” with no public discussion, until some astute observes caught on the the plan? (per the AJC)

    Once again this board tries to operate under cover of darkness. Is this the “new and improved” APS or Hall 2.0?

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