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RFS headshot cropedRobert F. Stockwell – 404-229-6841

Purpose of the Blog – During my career as a COO and CFO of public and private companies, I have always been amazed at how complex financial issues and decisions can often be easily clarified if presented properly. However, finding financial clarity in a maze of financial statements, budgets, numbers and data is not always easy and often requires extensive digging into the detail to find the key information which is the driver of good financial decisions. I think of this as “financial deconstruction” – break the information down into its component parts and then reconstruct the information in a meaningful way that clarifies the issue and which generally leads to the “right” financial decision (but not always the easy one).

My kids think I am an Excel nerd and an accounting geek – they are right – and I wear the badge proudly.

Some brief biographical information:

I have served as a CFO or COO for a number of private and public companies – the largest had 2100+ employees around the world. During my career, I have overseen the extensive and rapid growth of several companies and built and managed the financial, administrative, legal, HR, IT, financial and other operational functions. I have completed many acquisitions, assessed many more that were never completed and have overseen the extensive restructuring of several companies.

I graduated from Rutgers University with a BA, completed 30 hours towards a Masters in Accounting and have an MBA from Duke Fuqua School of Business. Additionally, I held a CPA certificate for 15 years (but let it lapse when I began focusing on less accounting oriented activities).

I have been married for 34 years and my wife is an Intensive Care Pediatrician and runs  the Critical Care Medicine unit at a local hospital. Both of us graduated from excellent public schools in New Jersey and Houston. We have three grown children – all three graduated from private schools (one attended an APS elementary school for 5 years).

As an additional note, I have never consulted with or received any payments from APS. On the contrary, I have been paying a significant amount of property taxes – much of it that flows to APS.

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