AL-8 Dave Walker

Contact Information

Email –

Phone – 404-587-7449

Background (Note – a search for more recent information on Mr. Walker has come up empty)

[Background interview in 2009] If you’ve attended or watched an Atlanta City Council committee meeting, you’ve witnessed the blunt opinions and insight of Dave Walker, a 63-year-old Vietnam veteran and street vendor who says he’s attended nearly every meeting since 1984…. I would describe myself as smart, as articulate, as a lover of books, and one who believes that government ought to operate for the people. It should be a referee. It shouldn’t be in the way. I would regard myself as the ultimate watchdog in that I have been to almost every council meeting in the last 25 years and almost every committee meeting — almost — in the last 25 years. If you call me to the front you better be mindful of what you just done, ’cause I am going to give my candid opinion about what I think is going on. And at 63, almost 64, I don’t know what can be done to harm me now. 

[Video of Mr. Walker during his run for Atlanta City Council in 2009]

[Mr. Walker was contacted to participate in a “Meet the Candidates Forum” – he declined the invitation and responded] “Everyone in Atlanta, who needs to know me, knows me and understands what I believe in. … If they don’t know me now, then I don’t need them to know me.”  

Education Priorities

Position on Revenues and Taxes

Position on Deficit Spending and General Fund Reserves

Position on Allocation of Resources

Position on Class Size Waivers and Average Class Size

Position on the Budget Process

Position on Overcapacity Issues and School Closings

Position on Board’s Oversight Responsibilities

Position on Charter Schools

Position on Other Issues that Have Financial Implications

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