AL-9 Jason Esteves

Contact Information

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Phone 404-527-4052

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Compliance with Candidate Filing Requirements

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Jason Esteves, a native Georgian, has the experience as a public school teacher and business lawyer … After graduating from the University of Miami, Jason devoted himself to teaching at an underperforming school in a low-income neighborhood. … Jason is a practicing attorney at the Atlanta law firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, where he brings businesses, nonprofits, and individuals together to solve problems and get results. This, coupled with Jason’s service on the boards of KIPP South Fulton Academy, Georgia Appleseed’s Young Professionals Council, and Georgia Hispanic Bar Association, show his belief in the power of bringing communities together to resolve conflicts and make progress. … Jason is married to Ariel, a graduate of Kennesaw State University and Emory University’s School of Nursing graduate program.

Education Priorities

We can move forward by focusing on getting students ready for college and the workplace… I will fight to make sure more dollars go directly toward teaching and learning in the classroom. And I will fight to make sure every child has the opportunity to learn and grow in a high-quality school with teachers who can change their lives.

Position on Revenues and Taxes

Position on Deficit Spending and General Fund Reserves

Position on Allocation of Resources

Jason will scrutinize APS’s budget to ensure the district is directing its resources to what matters most — our children. For far too long, valuable resources have been directed away from the classroom. Jason will work …  to redirect resources to the classroom. … Jason believes that budgets should be catered to students’ needs at the school-level. He will also work to ensure APS’s central office is effective and efficient in providing support to schools.

Esteves wants to direct more dollars to classroom instruction and hire a visionary superintendent.

Jason will also advocate to ensure teachers are rewarded for their hard work on behalf of our children.

Position on Class Size Waivers and Average Class Size

Position on the Budget Process

Position on Overcapacity Issues and School Closings

Position on Board’s Oversight Responsibilities

Jason will hold the administration and APS’s stakeholders accountable. Jason believes that every stakeholder, including administrators, board members, teachers, and parents, must be held accountable for the success of Atlanta’s students.

Position on Charter Schools

In a 2012 questionnaire for APN for his run for the Democratic nomination for State House District 53, Esteves indicated his strong support for charter schools and for the ballot initiative which purported to amend the Constitution of the State of Georgia…

Position on Other Issues that Have Financial Implications

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