D-5 Raynard Johnson

Contact Information

Email – RaynardJohnsonForAtlanta@yahoo.com

Phone – 404-752-6758

Raynard Johnson Campaign Website


[A] lifelong resident of SW Atlanta, I am a product of the Atlanta Public Schools system … Fours years of formal academia at Boston College School of Management, majoring in Computer Science has enabled 30+ years in the IT software development profession, with the past 13 years as an IT Project Manager responsible for successfully managing software development projects up to $5 million dollars. … [He] served as a member of the Local School Council at Continental Colony Elementary School … as a member of the Board of Directors for a non-profit, The Exception Campaign, Inc., … served as a member of Atlanta Police Department, Zone 4 Citizen Advisory Board and Fulton county District Attorney’s Office Citizens’ Court Watcher.

Education Priorities

Johnson’s website says he would focus on reducing the dropout rate, providing equity of educational services and engaging parents.

[W]e must provide the teachers, who are entrusted daily with their care, the tools they need to do their job.

We owe it to both children and teachers to make sure parents are held accountable, are engaged and that children, educators and parents know they are valued, appreciated and supported.

We have to break through our kind of private idea that children belong to their families and recognize that children belong to whole communities. Once it’s everyone’s responsibility, and not just the households, then we can start making better investments in the community and schools.

Position on Revenues and Taxes

Position on Deficit Spending and General Fund Reserves

Position on Allocation of Resources

[I]t is important that the APS system be operated as efficiently as possible so that every student in every classroom at every school has the opportunities to learn in a safe environment of excellence.

Position on Class Size Waivers and Average Class Size

Position on the Budget Process

Position on Overcapacity Issues and School Closings

Position on Board’s Oversight Responsibilities

Position on Charter Schools

Position on Other Issues that Have Financial Implications

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